Look, babe. Zit happens. They’re a sure thing, like sunrises and taxes and matching with the same person on Hinge seven times. But I’ve got your back (and your front) when it comes to preventing new breakouts and calming down the ones that dare to show up.

Here are my top tips for tackling (and preventing) body acne. 

1. To exfoliate or not exfoliate?
When inflamed: Care and repair with a ceramide cream or oil. Don’t exfoliate and make the acne angry.
When not inflamed: To prevent new breakouts, exfoliate areas you know zits love breaking out on 2-3 times a week. Use a chemical exfoliant, like my Glycolic Body Scrub or Smoothing AHA Body Lotion.  

2. Hands off, babe. Resist the urge to pick, pop, and touch. Your bod doesn’t need more irritation. Let nature (and your skincare) take their course to avoid scarring and spreading. 

3. I know your butt looks great in leggings, but hanging out in your gym gear post-pilates is like a VIP invitation for zits. Change and shower straight after you’ve sweated it out to avoid body acne building up. 

4. Sip your way to clearer skin by staying super hydrated. Water helps remove toxins and bacteria, reducing pore-clogging potential. Plus, hydrated skin helps encourage healthy skin cell rejuvenation and collagen production.  

5. Show your skin barrier some love by soothing and strengthening it with my Hyaluronic Acid Body Serum. Bonus: hyaluronic acid also helps tackle tightness, dryness, and non-juiciness. 

6. Sunsmart is always sexy, babe. Rain or shine, don’t forget to slip, slop, slap on that SPF 50+ to shield your skin from sneaky UV rays. Not only does sunscreen protect your skin, but it’s also got some secret anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation and soothe acne troubles. Plus, let’s not forget that stubborn acne scars can get worse with hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. 

7. Work with your cycle. If spots appear in the lead up to your period, try cutting down on alkaloid-happy foods, like tomatoes. 

I may not be a miracle worker who can whisk bumps away overnight, but #letsbefrank: prevention is always smoother than a cure. Zits may be an annoying reality, but that doesn’t mean we can’t outsmart them together.