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Hair Care: Exposed.

Why use natural hair care?

Natural hair care products nourish both your hair & scalp, they naturally improve the overall condition of your hair & scalp, they’re less irritable, they help hair wake up from where it grows, they won’t harm the health of your hair & body.

Chemical hair care products often contain chemicals that can get absorbed in your skin. When you wash your hair, you’re putting the products & ingredients directly on your scalp and into your body. 

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Why use a hair mask for a treatment?

Hair masks step up when conditioners fall flat. It is the best hair treatment. A hair mask goes deeper into your strands with a higher concentration of nutrients. A hair mask penetrates hair better and repairs from within, while a conditioner is lighter & gives a surface treatment. 

They’re packed with ingredients that specifically work to treat, moisturise, hydrate, & strengthen, like Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Niacinamide. They’re convenient and only need to be used once or twice a week. They can be used in the shower alongside other products like shampoo, scalp scrubs, pre-shower hair treatments. 

Does a good hair growth treatment exist?

Instead of a hair growth treatment, consider a hair retention treatment; because what good is growing long hair if you can’t keep it, #letsbefrank. A good treatment for hair retention is as simple as a natural hair moisturiser or a deep-conditioning hair mask. The added moisture helps strengthen and plump the hair shaft, which can result in fewer split ends, less breakage and increased length retention. 

How to make your hair healthier?

As I mentioned before, healthier hair starts with a healthier scalp. The first step to hair restoration.

Scalp care is skincare, and scalp exfoliation is one of the best ways to get a healthy scalp. Scalp exfoliation removes product buildup, dead skin cells, and allows our natural oils to keep your hair and scalp healthy & nourished. When you give your scalp a cleanse, you’re encouraging skin to turnover, making room for fresh, healthy cells. A gentle hair scrub is a good place to start. It’s restorative and clears away buildup, without irritating. 

What’s the best dry scalp treatment?

The best dry scalp treatment is moisture: whether that’s from serums, oils, treatments, or masks. And if you’re wanting to use better scalp care products, start with your shampoo & conditioner: or more importantly stop if they’re too harsh or you’re using them too often. Frequent washing can worsen dry scalp.

Another good scalp treatment is massaging. You can do this with your shampoo or your hair scrub. Massages encourage oil production and boost blood flow to your hair follicles, if you’re interested in a natural scalp & hair treatment for hair growth. Massaging with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial ingredients like peppermint helps soothe the scalp & takes on itchiness, especially if you experience dry scalp or dandruff. 

For natural hair care that works, try my natural hair care products.


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