Sometimes when it comes to skin, we think that the only solution is to see a (spenny) professional. And for some conditions, that’s true. But Keratosis Pilaris, AKA KP, chicken skin, strawberry skin, and little red bumps on the arms, can be treated in the comfort of your own bathroom — as long as you have the right shelf lineup.

Before we get into your new routine, what even is KP?

Keratosis Pilaris aka KP aka chicken or strawberry skin is a common skin condition caused by the buildup of keratin (what your hair and nails are made of) that plugs your pores. It’s often found on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or bum, and looks like little bumps that cover the skin.

Should you be worried? Nope. It’s a harmless, genetic condition. It’s not contagious and usually doesn’t cause discomfort or itchiness. But it can be treated, especially when you have a high-performing and active routine. And now my ears are burning.

Step one.

Get in the shower with glycolic acid, it’s a really teeny tiny acid molecule, which means it can penetrate more easily to soften those plugs of keratin. Something I prepared earlier, and won’t stop selling out since we launched, is my Glycolic Body Scrub. So scoop me out, rub me all over (especially the KP patches), and then rinse off. 

Don’t overdo the exfoliation, or you could upset KP further. Instead of scrubbing daily, try for every second day.

Step two.

Drop even more acid by using a high-quality lactic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid. They gobble up dead skin cells even while you sleep, which is why we suggest lather in on my Smoothing AHA Body Lotion after the shower, and before bed. 

Step three.

Open up your laptop in bed and press play on Love Island.

Step four.

Stop picking at your KP.

“A misconception many people with KP have is that they think it’s acne and treat it like it’s acne,” Dr. Wechsler explains, but it can just make things worse. “ If you have an unconscious habit [of picking], give yourself something small to play with, like a rubber band or a scrunchy or a Rubix cube, and wear long sleeves so you have less access.”

You heard it from frank, so what are you waiting for?