I chatted to Sophie and Kate from the Talking In Common podcast about being baby mummas, creatives, and business-minded bosses.

Hey, babes. Thank you for joining me. Can you please tell me and my frankfurts a bit about who you are and what you do?

Sophie: Devoted mum to my two tiny humans, little girl Honey and new baby boy Ren. I’m a designer and stylist by trade and have worked mostly in event design for the last decade. Have been absolutely loving creating our lifestyle and parenting podcast with my girl Kate, where we connect, bond and indulge in some of our favourite topics with each other and some wonderful guests. 

Kate: First and foremost I’m a proud mum to my two young girls Nina-Rose and Lulu. Right now, I’m loving working with Soph on Season 3 of our podcast Talking In Common and always throwing myself into different projects, often music related (I used to be a performing artist for many years, writing and releasing three albums). I also dabble in some tv work, I like to mix things up.

You’re both culture connoisseurs, what topics are you obsessed with right now?

Sophie: Having just given birth recently, I’ve been pretty immersed in the childbirth and newborn space. Childbirth is such a powerful experience for women and honoring the greatness of this is important and deeply fulfilling for me. Allowing my intuition to guide me to the right people, places and practices that support this phase is absolutely where I’m at right now. 

Kate: Currently pretty excited about our change in government, which hopefully will lead to a proactive movement with the wider community around our climate emergency. 

How do you manage the balancing act of motherhood, relationships, business, creativity, the list goes on? 

Sophie: I don’t!! Who does??! At different stages some things thrive and some things suffer. Balancing implies equality and a ‘tendency not to fall’ but in my opinion this sets us up to fail. Acceptance has been huge for me in managing and coping with allllllll the things. 

Kate: I like to think of my life as organised chaos. A couple of things I find that help me are using a shared calendar with my husband, so we both know what’s happening with work, personal commitments and the kids. Writing lists and trying to prioritise the things that I feel are most important for me and my family.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Sophie: A couple of things resonating right now. In motherhood—“it’s just a phase” and in life—“get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. 

Kate: “Let your heart be your guide.” We often think too much with our heads and can go against what we truly believe or want, I believe if we listen to our hearts and those gut feelings then very rarely are you wrong.

Are there any tips you’d give your younger self?

Sophie: Don’t worry so much about what other people think of you. Also, 100% what Kate says, enjoy having no responsibilities while you can! 

Kate: This may sound really cliche, but try to live in the moment. Especially while you have no big responsibilities, enjoy being carefree. Life honestly goes way too quickly.

How has your approach to creativity changed since becoming a mum?

Sophie: I used to think that my creativity was just my art, now I can see my creativity in everyday life. It’s taken a minute, but I’m inspired by life itself now. 

Kate:  Before kids, my creativity was often impromptu and spontaneous, now my approach is a little more thought out and planned. This can either be incredibly productive and work well or on the flip side, not so well at all haha. 

How has your idea of self-care changed since becoming a mum?

Sophie: It used to look like physical health and well-being. A healthy diet, exercise and even self indulgence. I have a much more holistic approach now with my main form of self-care being self-compassion. 

Kate: Pre babies I would always think of a facial, massage or something similar as my “self care” and I still very much love and enjoy these things but now it’s more about looking after not just my physical health but my mental health too. If I can enjoy my coffee in bed and my morning breathing exercises (uninterrupted) then that sets me up feeling calm and motivated to start my day.

What do you look for in skin and body care products?

Sophie: Minimal, natural ingredients and easy to use. I love the feeling of being all buttered up with lush, hydrated, moisturised skin after a hot shower. 

Kate: Skincare for me is all about the right ingredients for my skin type, as well as the functionality of the packaging. Body care is anything that’s hydrating, smells good and makes me feel luxe.

What’s your connection to frank body?

Sophie: Long time friends with a couple of the legendary founders and a lover of the ridgy-didge coffee scrub. 

Kate: Apart from having a few mutual friends through Soph at frank I am actually a very happy customer of frank products.


I love to go fishing. What do you think about my products? Which ones have you tried?

Sophie: Always have, always will love the original coffee scrub! I’m also loving the rosehip body oil at the moment. 

Kate: I’d have to say I can’t go past the coconut coffee body scrub, it’s a regular in my bathroom cabinet and always makes me feel like I’m on a tropical holiday as well as making my skin feel instantly silky and smooth. Followed by the rosehip oil for some extra juicy skin! 

And lastly, what’s your favourite drink?

Sophie: Must I choose just one..! Big lover of tea, bigger lover of coffee. Champagne forever but at the moment loving a brandy and dry. 

Kate: Champagne always! 

Listen to the Talking In Common podcast episode where Sophie and Kate interview my co-founder Jess about new motherhood and building a global brand; you can find it here