Is your skin kind of a drama queen? I love a diva moment, but your body isn’t the place for it to happen. If your skin is throwing a long-term temper tantrum, it’s probably because your skin barrier is freaking out. I’ll tell you how to heal it, tame it, and keep it on its best behaviour. 

Wait, what’s a skin barrier?

It’s like the bouncer at an exclusive club, made up of skin cells, lipids, oils, and fatty acids, protecting your precious skin from unwanted troublemakers. 

What kind of things are damaging my skin barrier? 

There are lots of little nasties that could be damaging your barrier. Over-exfoliation or over-washing, heaters and air conditioners, sun exposure, medications, your ex: all kinds of things could be stressing out your skin. 

Got it. So how do I prevent damage, or heal a damaged skin barrier? 

  1. Keep your skincare simple.
    Simplify your skincare. If you’re scrubbing that cute face every day, or piling on the intensive actives, your skin is probably going into panic mode.
  2. Chill out with the hot tap.
    Be honest hot stuff: are your showers the same temp as a nice day in Hell? Cool things down and stick to lukewarm water to give your skin barrier a breather.
  3. Go gentle into that good cleanse. 
    Soaps and body washes can be harsher than a bad break up. Dump the harsh, heartless chemicals and choose gentle body washes that will treat you (and your skin barrier) with some TLC, like my Everyday range body washes.
  1. Repair your barrier. 
    It’s humectants to the rescue. Humectants are the ultimate thirst trap: they’re hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and watermelon oil, that draw water into your skin. These can be found in my Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Body Serum, a head-to-toe duo, designed to undo all of life’s little mistakes. Like damage from wind, heaters, and harsh actives that are stressing out your skin barrier. 
  1. Strengthen your barrier.
    Where humectants draw water in to repair, other ingredients work to keep that water in. Niacinamide and ceramides, found in my Hyaluronic Acid Body Serum, are weightlifters for your skin’s barrier. The stronger your barrier is, the happier it is, and the more it can flex on dudebros at the gym.
  2. Catch babes, not rays.
    Sunsmart is sexy. Even when the sun isn’t out. Protect your skin barrier all day, every day, from barrier damaging UV with a good SPF 50+. Yes, even when you’re planning on an all-day couch sesh. 

What difference will I see with a strong, healthy skin barrier?

Picture this: a complexion that’s as smooth as silk, as radiant as a sunset, and as plump as a peach. A strong barrier also prevents things like dry patches, acne, irritation, sensitivity and fine lines. So like, all the main skin complaints.

Go forth, hydrate, and see the difference a shiny new skin barrier will bring you.