PSA: I want you to sweat, so I can scrub it all off.

#letsbefrank, I’m always looking for ways to keep my babes feeling fine: like giving you a new personal best (that doesn’t involve the gym) or proving that chocolate can actually be good for you. So when babes kept telling me that their workouts can make them breakout, I called on the babes from ClassPass to reveal themselves their skincare secrets before, during & after a sweat-sesh.


“I don’t wear makeup for starters and always shower and moisturise after a workout.” Hayley Kollevris from Aleenta Barre, Adelaide.

“I prefer little or no moisturiser before a workout, as it can make you slippery when you sweat!” Sayshie Poynton from Rafters Mind Body Air, Perth.

Summary: Bare skin before burpees. Take your makeup off with my Creamy Face Cleanser before you start exercising.


“I almost never wear make-up whilst working out, unless it’s a Clubbing Ride (cue big hair, big lips & GLITTER!) & I always make sure I’m dabbing my face during the session with a clean cotton towel to soak up the sweat.” Danae Vincent from Bodhi & Ride, Melbourne.

Summary: Get a pink towel. Use this stylish accessory to blot the sweat away from your face and body. Try not to wipe as it can irritate the skin by causing friction. And stop touching your face. Your hands are covered in breakout-causing bacteria.


“Exfoliate and moisturise, exfoliate and moisturise. I love trying new natural remedies that I hear about… And a coffee scrub is my fave before my early morning yoga classes, just the yummy aroma gives me a fix before I have a coconut cappuccino in my hand post yoga.” Sheila Ferguson from Raw Power Yoga, Brisbane.

“A cool shower, some refreshing toner spritz on the face, and then some coconut moisturiser is a must to replenish the skin. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water afterwards as well to rehydrate the skin from the inside out.” Sayshie Poynton from Rafters Mind Body Air, Perth.

Summary: Keep it simple. And that’s my motto when it comes to skincare, too. So I’ve created the perfect post-workout-partner for you with my limited edition Fit Kit. My Peppermint Coffee Scrub scrubs away nasties that can use ingrown hairs and blemishes, while leaving you smelling minty fresh. Use it alongside my Body Balm (made with natural oils) to get soft, supple skin that will make you glow, just like the babe you are.

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PS – And a shout out to Sheila Ferguson from Raw Power Yoga, Brisbane for the pic above. #letsbefrank, the babe has skills.