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frank body original coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

€16.95 EUR

The cellulite busting, stretch mark fading scrub that made me famous.


Non-Stop Hair Duo Kit

€34.95 EUR

Hair, non stop. A natural, dynamic duo that promotes healthier, shinier, Rapunzel-ier hair.


The Pore-ifics Kit

€39.95 EUR

A three step detoxifying face routine that cleanses away makeup, scrubs away dry skin and hydrates, for sweet cheeks.

frank body coconut body scrub

Coffee Scrub

€16.95 EUR

Smooth and tone your skin for real (or imaginary) vacations.

A-Beauty Scrub

€16.95 EUR

A brightening exfoliator made with native Australian ingredients to fade pigmentation & marks.

Express-O Coffee Scrub

€19.95 EUR

A creamy, no-mess scrub to fight breakouts, smooth skin and get you glowing, stat.

frank body peppermint coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

€16.95 EUR

A post workout body scrub that banishes breakouts.

frank body cacao coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

€16.95 EUR

An antioxidant rich body scrub for extra dry skin.


The Mega
Complexion Crew Kit

€99.95 EUR

Six natural, complexion loving products that give you mega-watt skin with mega-watt savings.

Caffeinated Hair Mask

€16.95 EUR

This is one mane-tenance man that goes that extra inch for you.

Caffeinated Scalp Scrub

€18.95 EUR

Healthy hair starts at the scalp: that's where I come in.

frank body creamy face scrub

Face Scrub

€21.95 EUR

Say goodbye to dull, uneven skin & hello to a radiant face.


The Originals

€59.95 EUR

A collection of my Original Coffee Scrubs for every part of you: lips, face & body, including my no-mess version. A great introduction or top up kit.


The Shower Scrubs Kit

€49.95 EUR

A batch of my best body scrubs. Made only with coffee & natural oils because your skin is sweet enough.


The Glow Getters Kit

€49.95 EUR

A group of glow getting products favoured by babes who want that smooth, dewy, misty look from top to toe.


The Out of Towners Kit

€39.95 EUR

Before Bonnie & Clyde, there was babe & scrub. 4 scrubs in 4 different flavours to take down dry, dull skin for good.


The All or
Nothings Kit

€84.95 EUR

It's a full house. My bestselling body and face products to defeat dry skin forever.


The Party
Starters Kit

€49.95 EUR

Mica is in the house. Three ways to get a head to toe shimmer, for a glow that’s going to go off.

Face Cleanser

€21.95 EUR

A detoxifying charcoal cleanser that fights blemishes & removes makeup.

Frank body everyday face moisturiser

Caffeinated Face

€21.95 EUR

Caffeinated to stimulate blood flow, plump & hydrate skin.

anti makeup cleasning oil
frank body anti makeup cleansing oil

Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil

€23.95 EUR

A clean cleanser without PEGs. Because Panda eyes are not a brunch look, babe.

frank body anti drama face mask
frank body anti drama face mask

Anti-Drama Face Mask

€21.95 EUR

A calming PM mask for AM drama. Helps with blemishes caused by stress from babes, bosses and bitches. #letsbefrank

anti angry face mist frank body
frank body anti angry face mist

Anti-Angry Face Mist

€14.95 EUR

Calm TF down and help your makeup look like you put it on an hour ago, not a day ago.

Frank Body Glow Mask

Glow Mask

€21.95 EUR

Sleep in a bottle. A 5 minute moisturising mask for tired faces.


Green Tease Scrub

€19.95 EUR

My new, limited edition green tea scrub is the most mysterious scrub of all.

frank body birthday cake scrub

Birthday Cake Scrub

€19.95 EUR

The sweetest body scrub of all

frank body shimmer scrub


€19.95 EUR

I scrub away dry skin and leave you covered in a beautiful shimmer.

frank body magic shimmer oil

Shimmer Oil

€21.95 EUR

A dry body oil that leaves you with a subtle shimmer. Goodbye, clothes.

frank body illuminator


€16.95 EUR

A creamy highlighter that gives a mega-watt glow with a pearlescent finish.

frank body body balm

Body Balm

€24.95 EUR

A caffeinated balm to keep targeting stretch marks & dry skin after scrubbing.

frank body coconut body balm

Body Balm

€24.95 EUR

A multi-purpose balm for dry skin, unruly hair & too much sun.

Body Cream

€21.95 EUR

A rich, creamy moisturiser for your entire body. No bit of you is left unloved.

frank body send nudes lip tint

Taupe-less Lip & Cheek Tint

€11.95 EUR

A rosy colour that gives you a natural blush.

Cherry Bomb
Lip Scrub

€14.95 EUR

Removes dry, flaky lips, and all your inhibitions.

frank body cherry bomb lip tint

Cherry Bomb
Lip & Cheek Tint

€11.95 EUR

A juicy berry colour for plump, lickable lips.

Shimmer Lip Gloss

€12.95 EUR

A shimmery gloss that makes lips glow.

frank body shimmer lip scrub

Shimmer Lip Scrub

€14.95 EUR

The world’s first Shimmer Lip Scrub is here.


The Minis Kit

€21.95 EUR

Petite scrubs, big personalities. Buff, smooth and hydrate skin with half the scrub, but double the trouble.


The Triplets Kit

€29.95 EUR

Same, same, but different. Plump, hydrate and protect your lips with my lanolin based Lip Balm & Tints.


The Aliens Kit

€23.95 EUR

A hydrating lip scrub & gloss, infused with mica & natural oils to give you an out of this world shimmer.


The Star Crossed
Lovers Kit

€19.95 EUR

From two different worlds, this coffee infused Lip Scrub and Balm can’t be kept apart. Dry lips should stay away.

Frank E-Gift Card

€25.00 EUR

Less stressing, more scrubbing. The perfect gift for your best babe sent straight to their inbox.

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