This time of year you want bubbles in your face - not on your face.

This time of year you want bubbles in your face - not on your face.

#letsbefrank, there’s one gift every babe wants: that’s soft, glowing and clear skin all year round.

But when the silly season arrives, that wish becomes a bigger challenge than Santa delivering presents to every corner of the globe.

All the shenanigans, sugar, champagne and general silliness of the season can make your skin break out. But the biggest issue is one that’s not nearly as fun and even harder to avoid – stress.

Shopping centre showdowns, maxed out credit cards, boozy Christmas parties and awkward family gatherings are enough to make anyone’s stress levels rise.

I don’t want my babes donning Santa suits and beards to escape, so let’s nip this in the (red and white) butt now with my frank guide to holiday stress breakouts. Because the only break out I want to see is on the dance floor. #letsbefrank.

Where do we begin?

With managing your stress, babe. Because that’s where most breakouts get their energy. I get it, babe. You have a million and one parties, plus that aerial yoga class you want to master. (But #letsbefrank, that’s really just for Instagram.) When you get stressed, your stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’ goes through the roof. And over time, if this keeps happening, your body can react in aggressive ways.

So cortisol, tell me about yourself…

This hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and is the main culprit for causing inflammation in our bodies. And unlike inflatable unicorns, this is something you don’t want.

Inflammation makes it harder for your body to absorb water, so your skin can look dull and lack lustre. So that amazing bod of yours does the opposite to balance itself out. It increases oil production and that my babes can cause acne.

Now what?

First, take a breath and slow down. Think about why you are stressed. You need to work on what’s going on inside to get a better result on your outsides. That means figuring out what’s going on in your mind. What is it that’s triggering this stress and what can you do to resolve that issue?

I recommend starting with a long walk, a long shower and a good vent session with someone you trust.

Finally, keep up a healthy, natural skincare regime.

Your skin is going to get dirty this season. So allow me to scrub it all off. My Sweet Cheeks skincare kit will buff away dry, dirty skin so you’ll light up the world, like the Christmas star you are.

And it now comes with a limited edition frank face towel. Just what a babe needs to (dramatically) hail a cab at 3am.

x frank

This time of year you want bubbles in your face - not on your face.