Sizzle on down to scrub town.

Sizzle on down to scrub town.

Summer taken your clothes and my skin away babe? I got just the tricks to turn your sweat into a glow.


SPF Sunscreen. SPF Sunscreen. SPF Sunscreen That is all.



Leave it at the beach, not in your bikini. Sand is a great natural exfoliator, it buffs away dry skin to leave you super smooth but a day later, it’s gone. Keep your body smooth, dry and clean even when the beach is a day away with my Coconut Coffee Scrub. My nut-free body scrub gives you vacation-glowy skin all year round. I even tackle stretch marks, scars and dry skin. A day without you wouldn’t be a holiday anyway.



The greatest star-crossed lovers: pool water and hair. While chlorine is used in pools to disinfect and kill bacteria, it’s no surprise that that can’t be a good thing for you. As such, it completely strips your skin and hair. Before into the deep end, cover your hair you can coat it in tap water or leave-in conditioner prior to heading into the pool to create a barrier. My Coconut Body Balm is a summer saviour pre and post swim. I hydrate dry ends and repair broken stands naturally thanks to my coconut oil: an anti-bacterial & anti-dryness hair hero. You didn’t think I was just all about your bod now, did you babe?



You’ll breathe a sigh of relief but your skin won’t. If the air is lacking humidity, your skin can lack moisture, especially when it’s under the aircon all day. Because this can cause a skin to become dehydrated, it can also lead to an impaired barrier function that can make skin super sensitive. Give it a bit more of a loving touch with my ultra-hydrating Body Cream – like icing for your bod, I give you long lasting moisture without the toxic ingredients you’ll find in many drugstore option. Stay naturally hydrated, for longer.



Not the tanning kind. To keep your skin hydrated during the warm weather, your bod will naturally produce more oil which is why sometimes your forehead looks shinier than your car. While we love oil on skin, an increased flow of it can lead to more breakouts because your skin is more easily congested. This can happen because of heat and environmental factors which is why it’s important to cleanse: not only will it help remove dirt, bacteria and clogged pores but it will also give your skin some relief to heal from sun. My Charcoal Face Cleanser is gentle enough sensitive skin at bay but strong enough to give you all the protection and moisture you need, because muscles aren’t everything.