The question on every babe’s lips: “What is self-care?”

#letsbefrank, it’s not just doing a face mask and carrying on with your life. The meaning of self-care is any action that looks after your health & happiness. Scrub 2-3 times a week? Good news: you’re a self-care expert.


Self-care is for everyone. You don’t need an online yoga subscription, a 1000-piece-puzzle, or an endless supply of face masks. Here are 6 activities that you might not have realised count as self-care. You can do them right this second. Well, once you finish reading the self-care routine. 


Self-care tip #1: Take a compliment.

You are beautiful, strong, and if I had to pick anyone to be stuck on a deserted island with, it would be you. There. Take it. 


Self-care tip #2: Send a self-care meme to a friend.

Like this one. Or this one. Self-care quotes, obviously. 


Self-care tip #3: Shake your booty.

Put on your favourite playlist. Beyonce’s Lemonade? Old school Madonna? New school Doja Cat? All will do the trick. Clear a space in your living room/bedroom/kitchen. Then shake it out and off. For the advanced babes: do it naked.


Self-care tip #4: Take a vacation.

Well, kinda. Put your phone on airplane mode, open a fresh batch of my Coconut Coffee Scrub, close your eyes and pretend you’re somewhere where they serve cocktails with little umbrellas.


Self-care tip #5: Click your mouse.

No babe, I’m not talking about the mouse on your laptop. This kind is NSFW. Getting handsy with yourself is one of my favourite ways a babe can reduce stress and increase happiness levels. When your hands are in your pants, your brain releases a pleasure hormone called oxytocin, aka the love hormone. Also, it’s a fun way to beat boredom. 


Self-care tip #6: Schedule time to do nothing.

#letsbefrank, doing absolutely nothing can also be self-care. While some babes naturally say yes and are opportunistic, saying no to that *extra* commitment keeps your plate balanced, while it puts your needs first. Try it sometime, guilt-free. Schedule it in your calendar. Let people know. It’s your time. 

Self-care tip #7: Try on all your clothes. 

Pretend you’re in a teen rom-com and your dressing room montage is about to start. Once you’re done, clean up the mess. But stay naked.


Self-care tip #8: Get dirty.

With your housemate, your lover, yourself. Scrubbing can be done on your own or with the nearest babe. They can help you scrub all those hard-to-reach places. Like your booty. Wink. This one should become a permanent part of your self-care routine.