Why does hair fall out after pregnancy?

A lot happens when a babe falls pregnant. 


She develops superpowers, like the ability to cry on demand and smell coffee from 3 miles away. She also has a super surge in hormones like estrogen and progesterone. While pregnant, these bad-ass hormones cause hair to stay in a constant stage of growth. So while the average babe loses 80-100 strands of hair a day, a baby mumma loses 0 strands. The result: thicker, more luscious hair. 


But what goes up, must come down. After childbirth when these hormones drop back to normal, the extra hair drops too; causing post-pregnancy hair loss.

“When does postpartum hair loss start?”


Typically postnatal hair loss starts after pregnancy, within the first 2-6 months after the birth. That’s when hormones start to slow down. And when tiny hands start to get extra grabby. 


But remember, everyone is different. So what happened to your friend (or that babe on the internet) might not happen to you. 

“What can I do to get ahead of postpartum hair loss?”


  1. Tools down, babe. Avoid heat styling and chemically based treatments. Go for natural ingredients instead. Like the ones in my Non-Stop Hair Duo


  1. You’re already good with your hair. But now’s the time to be extra gentle to avoid additional breakage. Steer clear of tight ponytails. Reduce tangles with wide tooth combs and nourishing hair treatments. 


  1. Do what you can to keep stress down low. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Take a bath. Or just smell the inside of this packet.


  1. #letsbefrank, I’m a babe magnet. Not a doctor. If your hair loss is excessive or accompanied with other symptoms, have a chat with your doc. McDreamy, is it? 


Moral of the story: if your hair is thinning after pregnancy, don’t stress. You’re not alone–90% of baby mummas will experience some form of it–remember it’s not forever. 


Other moral of the story: you’re still a babe, whether you have thick hair, thin hair, or no hair at all.