What’s a healthy skin barrier?

Your skin barrier is like the bouncer at a nightclub. If you’re gonna kill the vibe, you’re not allowed in.

The skin barrier is the outer layer of your skin, made up of skin cells, lipids, oils, and fatty acids. 

Skin with a healthy barrier has more even tone, more dewiness and better texture. It’s also better able to hold on to hydration and make use of the ingredients in your regime, so your obsession with—I mean, healthy interest in—expensive skincare products doesn’t go to waste.

Why should I care about keeping my skin barrier strong?

I’m not telling you how to live your life, babe. But a healthy skin barrier helps protect against external threats like irritants and free radicals (those pesky polluters flying around causing damage). 

A strong barrier also prevents issues like acne, dryness, sensitivity and fine lines. Those are like, all the main skin complaints.

A healthy barrier also prevents water loss, and we all know that hydrated skin means Hailey Bieber level juicy looking skin.

No matter what your skin type or concern, a strong skin barrier is the secret to really good skin. And really good skin-related compliments.

What happens if I have a poor skin barrier?

Your skin barrier can weaken as a result of ageing, genetics, and outside factors like over cleansing, overusing active ingredients, or UV exposure. 

This might look like:

  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Redness
  • Rough texture
  • Increased oiliness or breakouts
  • Sensitivities (like if even water stings)
  • Dullness
  • Going home early

How do I get a healthy skin barrier?

I’m so glad you asked. 

You can repair damage to your skin barrier by adjusting your skincare habits and prioritising moisturising (it even rhymes).

The very best ingredients for your skin barrier are humectants, emollients, ceramides and antioxidants. Speaking of, have you met my Super Ceramide Barrier Oil? Let me tell you what’s inside.

  • Ceramides, which are found naturally in the skin but decrease as you age. They help retain moisture.
  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil featuring fatty acids, remember those from before? Found in the skin barrier.
  • Squalane is an emollient and antioxidant that soothes your stressed out skin.
  • Coffee Seed Oil contains a lot of linoleic acid to strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil sounds delicious and helps balance oil production, great for if your stressed skin barrier symptom is breaking out.

My number one tip: when your skin is stressed, do less. Use my oil that does it all. 

The only barrier to your best skin is not trying me sooner.