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In 2021, we purchased an allotment in Impact International’s forest initiative. This forest is designed to help protect native Australian wildlife like kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, and wallabies as well as fauna, while also further reducing the carbon footprint of our packaging.

For example, based on a standard tube that holds 100mL of product, the Impact International forest can offset the raw materials used to manufacture approximately 30 million 100mL tubes each year. Additionally, Impact International’s energy consumption at its Sydney facility is 100% carbon neutral.

We’ve partnered with Tridi Oasis via Clean Hub, an all female led recycling company in Indonesia that work toward plastic neutrality by collecting plastic waste before it hits the oceans. Tridi Oasis process more than 750 tonnes of plastic bottles a month at their facility.

For every product we sell, Tridi Oasis will collect the equivalent weight of ocean-bound plastic. This aims to support a cleaner environment and creates employment opportunities for local women in the area.

This partnership enables us to do the following:

  1. Calculate our plastic waste footprint.
  2. Collect this plastic before it hits waterways.
  3. Track our pathway to plastic neutrality.
  4. Verify our impact.
  5. Report back to you on this impact.
All newly created body wash bottles will be made from 50% post consumer recycled material (PCR). Further, our samples will be made using biodegradable sachets in the same timeframe.
Currently, our tubes (for example the tubes our face range comes in) are made from virgin plastic. By the end of 2021, we will introduce new tubes that are 100% carbon neutral certified, made from 41% sugar cane, 41% post industrial recycled material (PIR) and 18% virgin material. This will see our tubes and bottles made from 82% sustainable materials.

Currently, our coffee scrub bags are lined with foil to preserve the natural ingredients in the product. We plan to move away from these bags, and introduce a new carbon negative, renewable bioplastic material (BioPE) derived from sugarcane, to make all newly created scrub bags recyclable by the end of 2021.

This process is carbon negative; every 1kg produced of this material captures 3kgs of carbon from the atmosphere, which also reduces fossil fuels by 80%.

A big goal for our team is to eliminate single use plastics in our range. Our first reusable product was introduced in 2020 with our Perky cup that doubles as a food-grade coffee cup.

By mid 2022, we aim to introduce refill pouches for our core range made from biodegradable materials, that can be safely discarded in general waste, along with reusable jars or product containers available for our babes to pour their refills into.

Our founder group is 50% female owned and operated, and we are proud that 50% of our board members are female leaders.

We care about developing and growing the next generation of leaders and see our internships and work experience placements as an effective way to develop these skills within our team. When we recruit for interns, we focus on young people that show passion for the industry.

We recruit from any school and ensure we get representation from schools with students of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Interns are assigned to junior team members which enables us to train the next generation of managers within our team. 75% of our interns will stay on for a second semester and rotate into a new department to get full business exposure, and several of our coordinators have come through our internship program.

The foundations of frank.

“ At frank, we believe everybody is a babe. We’re here to make babes feel good, and we’re here to do good too. ”

As a brand, we work hard to:


Be inclusive of every body and every identity.


Build an engaged community of empowered people (behind the scenes at babe HQ and out in the world).

Love Heart

Promote body positivity for all shapes, sizes & abilities.

Love Heart

Be environmentally accountable and take concrete steps to work towards a more sustainable world.

Frank Values group shot

Where we can make the biggest impact.

We are committed to continuously improving in all areas of our business, and are transparent about where we’ve been, where we are now and where we’re going.

There are four key areas where we feel we can make the biggest impact as a brand.



We want to break beauty standards. We celebrate, show, and champion bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities by showcasing real bodies, real skin, real people, and real experiences.

Behind the scenes at babe HQ, it’s always our goal to encourage confidence and be positive. We want to make every babe feel good in their skin. If what we put into the world is not doing that, we’re not doing it right.



The foundations of frank as a brand have always been, and always will be about our community and the open conversation we foster within it. We strongly believe that through open dialogue we can better deliver on our mission to make babes feel good. We want to use our platform and voice to lift babes up. This starts at babe HQ by empowering our team.

Female Empowerment Youth Empowerment


Diversity at frank means giving a voice to babes with a variety of skin tones, from different cultures and races, ages and circumstances. Babes with a variety of beliefs and values, genders and sexual preferences. It means highlighting all body shapes, sizes, and abilities.

We commit to continuously learning and striving towards improvement when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. It’s important for us to hold ourselves accountable to this commitment. That’s why we’re writing it down to show where we are now, and where we’re going next.

Diversity Diversity Diversity Diversity

Where we are now.

Where we are going.



It is important to us to do good while making babes feel good. We are working toward reducing our environmental impact and recognise this is an ongoing process with constantly moving goal posts.

There are three areas of focus for our sustainability team:

  1. Optimizing packaging
  2. Improving supply chain transparency
  3. Reducing our environmental impact as a business through proper management of gas emissions and waste.

Our timeline toward
better sustainability.

We removed all plastic from online orders.

We began working with Tridi Oasis in Indonesia collecting plastic waste from waterways. For every product frank body sells, Tridi Oasis collects its equivalent weight of ocean-bound plastic.

We received our Cruelty Free accreditation through PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program, to have our cruelty free statement accredited across all product lines.

We introduced Mecca's TerraCycle to encourage babes to recycle empties and show them love, not landfill. This means all of our bottles, tubs, and tubes get to be transformed into something brand (spanking) new for a more sustainable packaging journey.

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Our forest initiative began. We purchased an allotment in a forest in NSW, Australia to offset the carbon footprint of our packaging production.

We conducted a thorough audit of our supply chain to ensure that the only palm derivatives used in our products come from Responsibly Sourced suppliers.

frank HQ in Australia became 100% powered by renewable energy.

All new tubes will be made from 82% sustainable materials.

All new body wash bottles will be made of PCR (post consumer recycled) materials.

All newly produced samples will be made from biodegradable sachets.

Frank 2023

We will launch refillable options of our core range for our babes to re-use at home, including refillable pouches and reusable jars and tubs.

I’m here for all babes, and all questions.

If you want to know more about the foundations of frank or just want to get in touch you can contact my babes at

This page was last updated in May 2022, and will continue to be updated regularly.


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