I dropped two new products. Meet Perky and Booty Drops. One’s a sculpting body hydrator, the other’s a firming body oil. Both are caffeinated to give you soft, firm, and perky skin. 

I’m about to answer your top questions about my newest products. Mic check, 1, 2, 3.

“What is body sculpting?”

Body sculpting includes anything that can help babes shape and sculpt their bodies. Perky works as a body sculpting lotion. Packed with caffeine, it naturally perks up skin, plus clinically tested Longan Seed Extract helps to sculpt your body. 

“What are their key benefits?”

Perky’s key benefits are to hydrate and smooth your skin, while also acting as a body sculpting cream. Booty Drops benefits are to soften and firm your skin, while also taking on stretch marks, cellulite, and scars.

“Does it help with minimizing the appearance of cellulite?”

#letsbefrank, cellulite is normal. Jiggle it, wiggle it, tone it, own it. But if you want a little less of it, the ingredients in my products, coupled with the act of massaging them onto your skin, can help reduce the appearance of it over time. 

“What do they smell like?”

Perky smells like coconut and vanilla frosting crossed with an almond latte. Booty Drops smells like my natural self, with a hint of coffee.

“Can you reuse the coffee cup as an actual coffee cup?”

Yes, babe. Perky comes in a reusable coffee cup to rinse when you’re done for coffee on the run. 

“Can they be used on other body parts?”

Both Perky and Booty Drops can be used everywhere you want soft, firm skin. So your booty and beyond.

“Should I apply the drops before or after the moisturiser?”

I get that babes are busy. So I made these products to use together. Simply scoop out your desired amount of Perky into your hand, squeeze in 4-5 drops of Booty Drops, mix together and give yourself a booty massage. 

“What are the ingredients?”

Thoughts you’d never ask. Perky is packed with caffeine, acai, shea butter, and longan extract. Booty Drops is made with caffeine, guarana, carrot root extract, grapeseed & jojoba oils. For the full ingredient list, check out my product pages. And then, you know, check out.  

“Are they vegan, cruelty-free, and good for sensitive skin?”

Butt of course.

“When is the best time to use them?”

As often as you like to booty drop. So, daily. For best results use after my Original Coffee Scrub.  

Want Perky? Shop my body sculpting cream.

Into Booty Drops? Shop my body firming oil.

Want a little from column a, a little from column b? Get both in my Butt First, Coffee Kit.