Shimmer: just one ‘s’ word I have on my mind.

Shimmer: just one ‘s’ word I have on my mind.

There are some words in the English dictionary that make you go ‘huh?’.

Such as:


The first two aren’t in my vocabulary, but the third is where I can show my expertise.

Shimmer is basically the lovechild of shine, glisten, sparkle and glow, all getting it on at one hell of a unicorn rave.

So I packaged it along with some disco balls, a shot of coffee and Rihanna.

The result?

My new Shimmer Scrub: a coffee body scrub with added glow dust to make your skin shine bright like a diamond.

So, how does it do that?

It comes down to four things, really: coffee, sugar, glow dust and a shot of hydration.

First, there’s coffee. That’s the rough stuff that makes your skin feel like it’s slept (even if it hasn’t). Then a few (heaped) teaspoons of sugar to make your skin feel sweet. Next up? Glow Dust. Just like a Rihanna see-through-onesie, it steals the show; gold and silver goodness that makes you shimmer like a walking disco ball, but without any sharp edges. And the supporting act? Hydration. Grapeseed oil & Vitamin E make your skin limber, just like the water between drinks.

But frank, it’s Monday. What do I do?

Oh babe, just do what you do on a Saturday: get naked.

My Shimmer Scrub don’t care that it’s Monday. It has selective hearing and can only hear No Pants Party Day, every day.

And those days go something like this…

Shed your clothes and get wet under the shower.

Shake your booty and massage me around your bod.

Shower your body with water only.

And shimmy out of the bathroom and into the day.

4 steps to shimmery AF skin all for $19.95 (or £15.95 for my UK babes).

#letsbefrank, it’s cheaper than an espresso martini.

x frank.

Shimmer: just one ‘s’ word I have on my mind.