A day in the life of a babe: wake up, (maybe) work out, drink a coffee (or three), answer emails, go on a date, leave the date early to eat cupcakes on the couch. 


Babes are busy, #letsbefrank. And they don’t always have time to moisturise, even when they should. But hey, that’s what I’m here for. My Glide ’n’ Go: Body Oil Stick was made to accompany all of your last-minute plans and laziest moments.


Ready to roll? Here are my top five hacks for getting the most out of my roll-on body oil. 


Hack 1: Apply on dry patches. 


Dry spell? Put an end to it. My blend of natural oils, butters, and antioxidants leave your skin instantly hydrated and nourished. Roll on my body oil stick wherever you need a little extra moisture throughout the day: like your elbows, knees, and heels. End result? Skin that feels supple, never sticky. 


Hack 2: Apply on the run. 


You have places to be. People to see. And a body that needs moisturising. So glide ‘n’ go wherever, and whenever. Just pop my top off and roll. Where can you do it? The options are endless. In your car, on the train, after a sweat session, waiting in line for a cappuccino, in-between classes, before grabbing drinks with your blind date. Take me everywhere for touch-ups anywhere.


Hack 3: Apply with only one hand. 


Baby mummas, rejoice. Glide ‘n’ Go only requires one hand. So when you’re juggling a baby in the other, you can still hydrate your skin without having to rub me in.


Speaking of baby mummas, if you happen to have a baby bump at the moment, my body oil stick is here to help. Glide it across your pregnant belly to keep it moisturised and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Win-win.


Hack 4: Apply during winter months.


A cold dollop of moisturiser on your skin during the coldest months of the year? No thank you. Instead, reach for Glide ‘n’ Go. My fuss-free (and mess-free) alternative to the average body hydrator is great for wearing under winter layers. Your dry skin never stood a chance.


Hack 5: Apply when you want an extra glow.


POV: You’re standing in front of the mirror, getting ready to go out. Eyeliner: check. Contour: check. Little black dress: check. But what about a little highlighter on your collar bones, shins, or thighs? Enter my body oil stick. This natural glow will catch the light all night. 


Xx frank