Wish you could be lying by the beach, drinking a cocktail with a teeny tiny pink umbrella? But instead you’re lying on your couch listening to the neighbours upstairs fight for the 7th time today? Plot twist: it’s not even 11am.


Feels, babe.


What if I told you, you can have all the happy of beach-side happy hour but from the comfort of your home? Minus the sand in your pants and topless waiter. 


What you need: 



What to do:


Step 1. Apply a thick layer of my Brightening Vitamin C Mask to your clean, dry face.


Step 2. Fill a glass (the deeper the better) with ice.


Step 3. Squeeze the juice from the orange into a strainer over the glass. Lick your fingers.


Step 4. Add the tequila. Get it here.


Step 5. Top with your fizzy water of choice.


Step 6. Rinse off the mask, relax, and sip. 


Hot tip

Throw on a bikini and close your eyes when you sip. With skin that bright and a drink that fresh, you could be anywhere in the world, babe.