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I'll love every part of you.

My natural coffee scrubs and moisturisers nourish dry skin
to leave you luminous. Like a lamp. A pretty one.
frank body original coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

$16.95 AUD

The cellulite busting, stretch mark fading scrub that made me famous.

frank body coconut body scrub

Coffee Scrub

$18.95 AUD

Smooth and tone your skin for real (or imaginary) vacations.

frank body cacao coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

$18.95 AUD

An antioxidant rich body scrub for extra dry skin.

frank body peppermint coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub

$18.95 AUD

A post workout body scrub that banishes breakouts.

Express-O Coffee Scrub

$19.95 AUD

Meet my new no mess, scrub express.

frank body shimmer scrub


$19.95 AUD

I scrub away dry skin and leave you covered in a beautiful shimmer.

frank body birthday cake scrub

Birthday Cake Scrub

$19.95 AUD

The sweetest body scrub of all

frank body body balm

Body Balm

$24.95 AUD

A caffeinated balm to keep targeting stretch marks & dry skin after scrubbing.

frank body coconut body balm

Body Balm

$24.95 AUD

A multi-purpose balm for dry skin, unruly hair & too much sun.

frank body body cream

Body Cream

$21.95 AUD

A rich, creamy moisturiser for your entire body. No bit of you is left unloved.

frank body magic shimmer oil

Shimmer Oil

$21.95 AUD

A dry body oil that leaves you with a subtle shimmer. Goodbye, clothes.

frank body original introduction kit

Introduction Kit

$37.95 AUD

My cult favourites and the first two steps to soft, glowing skin.

frank body top to toe kit

Top To
Toe Kit

$89.95 AUD

For babes who want all the best bits of me on all the best bits of them.

frank body babe island kit

Island Kit

$39.95 AUD

A coconut duo that give you glowing summer skin every day.

Shimmer Bomb Kit

$49.95 AUD

3 steps to get your shimmer on, for a glow that’s going to go off.

frank body top to toe kit

Mix &
Match Kit

$49.95 AUD

Pick your favourites, save some dollars. It's a win-win.

frank body twice as fun kit

Twice As Fun Kit

$19.95 AUD

It's me in mini. Great for gifting or smuggling me into suitcases.

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Free Shipping on orders over $25 | Afterpay available on all orders

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