How to be a babe on a budget. A.K.A a babe with brains.

How to be a babe on a budget. A.K.A a babe with brains.

Did you know you can still be a babe on a budget?

I know lots of you babes love to live large, but if you’re down a few pennies I’ve got some simple tips and tricks that won’t break the bank. You can thank me later.

Dine in, not out.

If you’ve got less dough than a Dominos then it’s time to reassess mealtime.

#letsbefrank, it’s quick and easy to buy your meals out. I know, your living room doesn’t have waiters, but it does have a couch. Eating at home and planning your meals will save you some serious coin.

When you’re doing your weekly shop, be organised and write a list beforehand. Here I am again liking a babe with brains. Your local farmers market is your new bestie (after me of course), as you’ll find lots of local fresh produce at bargain prices.

Go back to basics, babe.

For my shopaholics, it’s time to cut back on the things you don’t really need – separating absolute necessities from the nonessentials. A carton of milk – YES. A pet lion – er, NO. From now on it’s DIY mani-pedis and hair styling from home. For clothes purchases, buy staple items that are good quality, and will last you more than one season. If in doubt, always ask yourself: “do I really need this” – more often than not the answer will be no.

Get a piggy bank.

Extra coins floating around, spare change from coffee this morning, the occasional dollar bill… Pop them in a piggy bank and save them for a rainy day. Trust me, you’ll be surprised by how much it will add up to when you eventually crack it.

You may be broke, but you’re far from broken. At the end of the day money can’t buy you happiness, babe. But if you do save up your pennies it can buy you a bit of tough love from me… something to think about.

xx frank.

How to be a babe on a budget. A.K.A a babe with brains.