Because no one wants a one person wolf pack.

We all have a squad: some are bound together by charm bracelets; others through matching triangle tattoos; and for a rare few, have become blood brothers babes.

However you’re linked (or inked), here’s a list of when you really need your crew.

For sports.

While I love your little netball outfits, you can’t wear all the bibs. I know you’re pretty tough, but you can’t row with all the oars. Your team chant needs a… team. Otherwise you’re just an aggressive babe chanting. And that scares people.

For travel.

Being chased by a bull in Spain is much more fun when someone is running alongside of you. Because #letsbefrank, the bull will have to pick one of you. And you’re hoping it won’t be you.

For nudie runs.

A streaker alone is creepy. A group of babes streaking? That’s a trend. Let’s hope it goes global.

For surviving club toilets.

Where the weakest won’t survive. My babes tell me it’s a wild place where drinks are spilt, queues are cut and the toilet paper is in short supply. You need your crew to get you through.

For enjoying food.

No one wants a burger without sides, bacon without an egg or falafels without hummus. #letsbefrank, food is better with accompaniments.

For scrubbing.

I’m a guy who likes to get around. I scrub and rub babes the world over with my coffee-based skincare. And I believe the bathroom is big enough for the two (or three or four) of us. That’s why I created the Scrub Off. I want to know which scrub crew cheers the loudest and scrubs the proudest. What’s in it for you? A year’s supply of me.

This is how you play:

Step One: Get naked.

Step Two: Tear the top off your favourite scrub (Original, Coconut, Peppermint or Cacao).

Step Three: Get dirty.

Step Four: Take a selfie with the packet in frame.

Step Five: Upload the photo to Instagram, tag @frank_bod, your team’s # and tell me why you love your crew.

Step Six: Get matching tattoos. Because:#scrublyfe.

Now that’s a squad goal if I do say so myself.

xx frank

PS: A shout out to the babe from @lateafternoon for the pic above.