POV: you, without dry, rough, or itchy skin anymore. 

Want my best sensitive skincare tips for how to calm irritated skin? It’s my three step routine for under $50. Seriously. My affordable skincare for sensitive skin will make you wonder why you ever put up with dry, itchy skin in the first place. 

The stars of the best skincare products for sensitive skin:

Oat extract: a world class soother to calm angry skin and keep it healthy.

Avocado oil: a super hydrator that shows off by being rich in both vitamins and fatty acids that protect skin. 

Squalane: a natural antioxidant and hydrator that goes deep to moisturise, helping your skin look and feel softer and smoother. 

Let’s see them in action. 

Step 1: Nourishing Body Wash 

My creamy, cushiony body wash is full of oat extract, avocado oil and squalane to deeply hydrate angry skin, soothe irritated skin, and make grumpy skin glowy. Turn your shower into a sensorial affair for $14. Plus, for every Nourishing Body Wash purchased, I’m donating one to Look Good Feel Better, to help patients face cancer with confidence. So you can do good, feel good, smell good, and look good. How good is that?  

Step 2: Nourishing Body Lotion

My Nourishing Body Lotion guarantees moves smoother than a pick up line. For $16, it’s a rich, soothing hero in a bottle, where you can lock in all your newfound softness and moisture with my lotion that’s made to play nice with my Nourishing Body Wash. It’s ultra calming (like the “I just meditated” kind of calm) with all day hydration and a subtle sandalwood and vanilla scent. Your skin (and anyone lucky enough to touch it) will thank you. 

Step 3: Nourishing Face Wash

For when your cute face is throwing a temper tantrum, calm the drama with my Nourishing Face Wash. This silky cream cleanser is full of oat extract and squalane, so it’s like bathing in oat milk, minus the having to sit in milk part. It’s fragrance free and totally decadent, even though it’s only $16. Pair it with my Nourishing Body Wash and Nourishing Body Lotion to calm irritated skin from top to toe.