I glaze myself like a ham at Christmas in a luxurious body oil.

I glaze myself like a ham at Christmas in a luxurious body oil.

So, you have a Christmas party tonight, how do you prep your skin?

I love my skin to look and feel super hydrated, bronzed, and glowy. So I start with a good scrub, then apply two coats of fake tan. Once I’ve finished marinating, I wash the excess tan off and glaze myself like a ham at Christmas in a luxurious body oil. Your Magic Shimmer Oil really floats my boat for this.

I know you love me, which product of mine do you use?

Which products don’t I use would be the better question… Oh wait, I use them all! My most used products are definitely your Send Nudes Lip & Cheek Tint and your Illuminator for a beautiful glow.

What’s the one thing you shouldn’t say at a Christmas party?

“OMG we should totally catch up properly soon”… when you don’t actually mean it. (Here are 5 other things you shouldn’t also say at your Christmas party).

What’s the one makeup trend you love for the festive season?

I love adding a glitter eyeliner just above my usual black winged liner. You can’t help but look festive when glitter is involved!

You only have a few minutes left to get ready, what do you do with that mane?

I flick my hair upside down, spray some dry texturizing spray in, flip it over and give it a real good jooj with my hands to create volume and texture.

Is there anything you eat or drink beforehand?

I’m always the person who forgets to eat beforehand, so I make besties with the food table pretty early into the evening…

You’re tired, how do you make yourself look alive?

Creamy white eyeliner on the lower waterline of my eyes, a brightening concealer and EXTRA glowy skin. The glow is key.

You’re uber is waiting, what’s the one thing you can’t leave without?

My phone, hands down. I’d rather be locked out of my apartment than not have my phone on me.

Favourite party outfit this season?

I love anything sparkly, like the Missguided dress I’m wearing in the photos if the event allows for it. Otherwise, a bold blazer with a denim skirt and tee with cute heels is a go-to for me.

Drink of choice?

I don’t drink alcohol so I LOVE a lychee mocktail, otherwise I’ll just drink water for the night.

What gifts are you buying your babes?

I love giving my friends and family handwritten cards, and this year I’ll be gifting them all succulents. I’m obsessed!

Best hangover remedy for the next day?

Even though I don’t drink alcohol, I still feel the effects of a big night out, so a sleep in with my dog Iggy is the best cure! Plus a fresh juice full of vitamins in the morning.

Thanks Rach. It’s a pretty clean start to the morning, but I guess it has to be when you’re dating me, #letsbefrank.

x frank