Be aware of yourself and what you’re putting into your body. I think everyone needs to bring it back to basics.

Be aware of yourself and what you’re putting into your body. I think everyone needs to bring it back to basics.

Sarah Todd stole my heart on Masterchef. I’ve never met a babe who loves cooking for a man so much, or two (one small) men for that matter, her husband Devinder & son Fenix. I can only hope this love translates into her scrubbing routine.

Inspirational mama, swimwear model, and Grade A cook, I’m not shy to talk about my #frankcrush.

Speaking of talking, here’s what we chatted about:

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

S: Coffee and breakfast, starting with an espresso.

f: Then what’s the first thing you do?

S: Kiss my little boy, Fenix.

f: Are you a bath or shower girl?

S: Both. I soak in the bath every so often, dependent on my mood: bath time is my time, except when Fenix sneaks in which I secretly don’t mind.

f: If you were a food based scrub, what would you be?

S: A fennel seed coffee scrub. I eat so much fennel in my diet, both fresh and the seeds. Fennel is great for digestion and especially good for sensitive skin.

f: Favourite meal to cook for your family?

S: Kheema, an Indian spiced lamb dish. I make fresh Roti and put it with Yoghurt & a Mango pickle. Just talking about it is making me hungry.

f: Work and life balance? Does it exist?

S: It’s definitely something I feel the need to make time for, I used to never have an off switch.

Specific things are important to me, and Masterchef played a huge part in teaching me this. My son Fenix however, enforces it on a daily basis. When I’m with my son I forget about everything else.

f: What’s your beauty regime? And best tip?

S: I don’t follow a strict regime because I’m often in a different country or city. I think it’s all about finding a balance and adapting. Doing what you love and incorporating it into your lifestyle will show in your complexion and outlook on life. When you’re happy, it shows in so many ways.

Be aware of yourself and what you’re putting into your body. Wholesome ingredients, natural products – these are all just as important as beauty products. I think everyone needs to bring it back to basics.

f: What do you think is the most beautiful thing about a babe?

S: Being passionate. When you find something you love, it is the most attractive feature. I find I like people the most when I can see their passion come through their life.

f: How did you get back into shape post baby? Did you use anything in particular to help with stretch marks?

S: I’ve never been big into dieting or strict routines. I find you need to keep a balance and active lifestyle. It’s really important not to push yourself too much, as you’ll end up falling back further. It was most effective for me to just give Fenix extra love, and be active with him. You need to ensure you’re putting the right foods and energy into your body. Keeping hydrated, as well as Bio oil were my go-to.

f: Does your husband have a beauty regime? Could you imagine him scrubbing?

S: Devinder certainly has an appreciation for mens’ beauty regimes. He uses a face scrub and is never impatient with me and my beauty needs. I definitely think I could get him scrubbing- challenge accepted.

f: Do you have a #bodylove quote?

S: A postive mind. Always.

f: After your Masterchef success, where would you like to take your career?

S: There are a lot of young girls that have followed my journey. It’s been a flattering but a strange transition, they come up to you in the street and are inspired by you. It has given me an incredible passion to encourage people to chase what they want.

f: Best advice for fellow frankfurts who want to make it in the food industry?

S: Follow what you love. There’s a lot of basic things which you can cook. But then there is a distinct line that you cross. One day it clicks, and something that is inside you wakes up. It’s like learning another language. This moment and beyond is one in a million.

f: Who should I put on my To-Scrub list?

S: To be totally honest, I would love to say my mum. She has worked extremely hard our whole lives to give me the opportunity to follow my own dreams and passions with absolutely no buts. She gave me the tools to push outside my own comfort zone and reach higher than I ever imagined I could. I would love her to take the time and scrub; relax, enjoy ‘her’ time. and keep following her own dreams.

Follow this babe @sarahtodd. I know I do.

Be aware of yourself and what you’re putting into your body. I think everyone needs to bring it back to basics.