The right mix of rough and gentle.

The right mix of rough and gentle.

Scrubbing you until your soft and smooth is my thing. And lately I’ve been learning how to scrub you just a touch more gently.

Don’t get me wrong, a bit of tough love never goes astray, but the more delicate areas of your body need some more tender loving.

Your face is one such area. That’s why I made my Creamy Face Scrub, to love your sweet cheeks even more.

It’s got the same roasted and ground robusta coffee base you love, just a finer grind that’s more suitable for the skin on your face. And it’s been paired with naturally-derived ingredients that target dryness and dullness.

Bamboo and walnut shell powder help buff away the dry, dead skin, leaving your face looking soft and dewy.

To nourish your skin I’ve included some beautiful oils: almond oil works to soften and re-condition with its high content of vitamin D, whilst Coconut oil promotes smooth and supple skin.

I can’t give you roses but I can give you Rosehip oil. It’s packed with omega 3 & 6 to fight fine lines and the signs of ageing – so you’ll always get asked for ID.

I want your face scrub experience to ooze with love. And what’s the best way to get that ooze-factor? Butter, of course. Shea and Coconut to be exact. They’re bursting in antioxidants, which add to that silky smooth finish.

To be frank, I’m gentle and rough all at once. And I think you’re going to like it.

Get my Creamy Face Scrub, here.

The right mix of rough and gentle.