The cute ones get away with everything #letsbefrank.

Long time no see, babe. What’s new with you?

A) Promotion

B) A new haircut

C) Bought a house

D) Discovered oat milk

E) Had a baby


If you answered D, we should talk about this more over a long black. If you answered E then congratulations! You had a tiny human. I’d like to give you a round of applause *claps*.

Becoming a mumma is a beautiful, rewarding but also very stressful new chapter. It’s important to embrace it all in a way that works best for you, whatever that is. It’s important to also take care of yourself, so you can take care of your little one.

I asked some mumma’s at Babe HQ how they balance the two, and here’s their top tricks.


When they sleep, you sleep.

Bring yourself back from the dead by getting enough zzz’s. Or do the other thing and wear sunglasses at all times, because you’re cute (puffy eyes aren’t).


In with the good, out with the bad.

Anything with sugar, numbers or words you have to Google – cut it. All that sh*t is as helpful to your body as it is to a group of 2 year olds. Get rid of as much processed food from your diet as you can and replace it with whole foods. Whole foods are basically any foods in their natural state. This includes fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs and nuts. They are free from additives and nasties and make your insides smile. 

But I get it, sometimes whacking together a three course meal with vegetables from the garden isn’t always going to happen. That’s why delivery services like Youfoodz are so handy: you get all the goodness of a home cooked meal, with none of the worry, time, or stress of actually putting it together. It also tastes delish. Win-win.


Don’t skip the protein.

Protein is essential in our diets to help reduce the hormones that tell us we are hungry and keeps us energised until our next meal. Include a source of lean protein in every meal such as chicken, eggs, tuna etc.

I also hear Youfoodz makes a really yummy chicken and chips (I also hear that it goes well with a glass of wine).


Get out and about.

Moving your body not only releases endorphins (your brain’s excited chemicals), it also helps to decrease stress, anxiety and aid digestion. So get out the pram, some matching bucket hats and stroll the streets looking like the couple of cute heads you are.


Ask for help.

You know I think you are superwoman, even on days where you don’t feel like putting on a cape. You know what’s also very brave? Putting your hand up instead of extending it out all the time. Family, friends, even local councils are all there to help you when you need it. Even if it’s to run some errands or put on a kettle. You might be taking care of a little one, but don’t forget to also take care of you.


Take some time out.

10 minutes can make all the difference when most of your day is no longer yours. Read a book, listen to a Podcast or do the other fun thing: me.

Frozen spoons placed under your eyes. I know what you’re thinking. What the frank are you on about? De-puff and relax, babe. If that doesn’t work my Glow Mask will zap puff pillow face in just 5 minutes.

The other trick? My Baby Mumma Kit. Made with three of my signature scrubs. They tackle stretch marks, breakouts and cellulite while leaving your skin feeling as smooth as your baby’s bum. They also give you extra time in the shower with me.

There you have it, mumma hacks by my baby mummas for all of my babes, because #letsbefrank sharing is caring. So, bookmark this page for your next Sunday and let’s make your new day one to remember.

Lastly, don’t forget your #1 cheerleader: me.

x frank