Let’s shower together to empower together.

Get to know the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF)— the important cause behind my (very) limited edition Rachael Sarra x The Original Coffee Scrub and why I’m donating 100% of profits from the scrub to the organisation. 

What is ALNF? 

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation is made up of a dedicated bunch of individuals working together to raise the literacy, language and numeracy levels of Australia’s most marginalised communities, including First Nations peoples.

How was the frank body x ALNF x Rachael Sarra partnership born? 

Our CMO and founder Jess is a longtime ambassador for the ALNF, and this is a project that has been years in the making. It all came together when we teamed up with Rachael Sarra to dress up your favourite Original Coffee Scrub and donate all profits to ALNF. Rachael was our first thought for a bespoke, vibrant design after seeing so much of her amazing work out in the world.

A note from Rachael.

“When I’m looking for collaborations it’s about that shared value and shared understanding and making sure that we do align and that very much was met by frank body. It felt right, I’m really proud to share it.”

Read more from Rachael Sarra, her artistic process, and the meaning behind the scrub bag design on the blog here.

Why is the work that ALNF does so important?

Because around 44% of Australian adults don’t have the literacy skills they need for everyday life. This includes some basics like reading and writing; tools that help us with things like filling out forms or communicating to get what we need.

46% of Aboriginal adults in Australia are “functionally illiterate”, meaning they lack the skills necessary for handling most jobs and many everyday situations. In some remote areas, this can be up to 70%.

Only 1 in 10 Indigenous children in very remote communities in the Northern Territory can read at or above the minimum NAPLAN standard. This is Australia’s National Assessment Program that tests literacy and numeracy skills from year 3 onwards.

Australia is home to more than 250 Indigenous First Languages, but today this rich linguistic diversity is severely threatened with languages disappearing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. Today only 13 languages are considered strong.

A note from Jess.

“If you’re wondering how this collaboration came about, my background is actually in ESL teaching. That was how I started my career and I partnered with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation about five years ago because I believe so much in the importance of the work they’re doing, having worked within the education system and being the daughter of two teachers I knew first-hand how vital the assets and the education sources that ALNF provide are.”

Want to be a part of this super special collaboration? Shop the limited edition pack here and scrub for a good cause.