Not every occasion in life requires a present. Your first period? Leave the gift-wrapped tampons out of it, uncle Mark. There are some occasions however, that if you show up empty-handed, you might as well do a 180, turn home, and find that candle you got for Christmas. But #letsbefrank, I think you can do one better. 


Here are my top gifts for baby mummas (and other babes) that are actually for her, not just her baby. They’re affordable, too. 

The occasion: Mother’s Day Gift.

Or as I like to call it, baby mumma day. If she’s a first-time mumma or a long-time mumma (aka your mumma), get her something that will make her feel like a babe. 

The present: my Baby Mumma Kit. It’s 3 scrubs that take on dry skin, stretch marks, and cellulite; a dream gift for baby mummas. It’ll leave her soft, smooth, and will give her what she really wants: weekly alone time. Not just for pregnant or new mums, but for your mum, too. Give her a call.

The occasion: Asking babes to be your bridesmaids.

It’s a special moment that says: “I want you to hold my dress while I pee”. What better way to celebrate your friendship than by getting dirty together?

The present: my Out of Towners Kit has four mini scrubs for four mega babes: Original, Coconut, Cacao, Peppermint. Got eight bridesmaids? Double down on the kit. Two bridesmaids? Give out two scrubs and keep the other two for yourself.

The occasion: Baby Shower Gift. 

So, your friend’s having a baby. Baby clothes, rattles, and toys are already coming her way. You could get her something for her baby. Or, you could remember she has needs + wants too and get her something for herself. 

The present: my Pore-ifics Kit. Because spoiler alert, pregnancy acne is a thing. One of my best-selling kits, she’ll love it as much as thousands of other babes do. With natural ingredients, it’s safe for every trimester.


The occasion: Just because.

Maybe you want to shower them in love or just brighten up their day. #letsbefrank, “I love you” never gets old. Although I prefer “Meet me in the shower.”

The present: my Hair Duo. Includes my natural Caffeinated Scalp Scrub and deep-conditioning Caffeinated Hair Mask, to give them silky, shiny hair and help them feel like the babe they are.