Unlike your coffee order, skincare should be simple.

Unlike your coffee order, skincare should be simple.

You babes know when it comes to skin, I like to keep things simple: simple products, simple steps and simple ingredients. I believe less is more, (especially when it comes to clothes).

Alongside a healthy diet and a thorough skincare routine, there are a few things you can do right now to give you a complexion that deserves its own Insta filter.

Tip #1: Your pillowcase needs to go (once a week).

When you sleep, your pillowcase gets all up in your face. Over time it becomes a hub of leftover hair conditioner, sweat from your gym sesh, scalp oil, and dry skin. All of which can clog pores and cause you to breakout. If you’re going to sleep, you want to make sure it’s beauty sleep. Not sleeping on a science project. #letsbefrank.

You should change your pillowcase once a week. But unlike underwear, that’s hard to remember. One tip is to change it over every time you exfoliate, like twice a week with my Creamy Face Scrub. Wash your pillowcase with hot water, while you scrub-a-dub-dub. That way you can have clean, fresh skin to go with your clean, fresh pillowcase.

Tip #2: Know that oily skin is actually dry skin. I know: woah.

Your skin is about 70% water and when it lacks it, it gets dehydrated. The result? Oil. That’s just your skin trying to get some moisture back. But then babes go cleansing mad to get rid of it and your skin doesn’t know what will come next. The result? Your skin gets red, irritated and downright angry.

I suggest water, first. That’s something your skin can’t create itself because it relies on you, babe. And pair this with a gentle cleanser and hydrating moisturiser, kind of like my Creamy Face Cleanser and Everyday Face Moisturiser. They gently clean and nourish the face thanks to the soothing properties of coconut, grapeseed and sweet almond oils, so your skin doesn’t have to bring out the oil army.

Tip #3: You need to mask, babe.

Just like coffee, your mask is like an extra shot to perk up your face. But masks are a lot like sausages; there are a lot of them out there. Some clarify and detox the skin, while others hydrate and nourish. My new Glow Mask is one of those give-back kind of masks. It contains coffee seed oil, goji berry extract, and cranberry and raspberry seed oils, to get you glowing and to give your skin extra bounce. Be one of the first to buy it, here.

Tip #4: Double cleanse at night, babe.

And I’m not talking with facial wipes; those guys just move the makeup around. I’m talking about a cleanser to dig up the makeup, dirt and germs out from your pores. Dermatologists recommend a double cleanse: the first removes makeup, sunscreen and grime, while the second gives your skin a deeper clean while getting rid of that makeup remover too.

Wherever your skin is at, I’ll be with you every step of the way. Starting with my 3-step face routine: my Sweet Cheeks skincare kit is made from coffee and natural ingredients to make your sweet cheeks even sweeter.

Shoving coffee in your face has never been so fun.

x frank.

Unlike your coffee order, skincare should be simple.