Listen up, babe. You’re strong. You’re brave. You’re beautiful. You’re booty-ful.

But #letsbefrank, life can get a little stressful and finds ways to negatively impact our skin and hair. Whether you’re a baby mumma, a babe in business, a babe in school or just a babe in the wild, you need to get to know one of my favourite ingredients that I have been popping into my products lately.

 *drumroll please* Lactic Acid. One of the most popular AHAs there is. 

I hear what you are saying, babe. Lactic acid is that nasty stuff in your legs that causes that pain you feel in your legs when going up or down the stairs after a workout.
Know this, in the beauty world, lactic acid is not something to avoid.

Let me start from the scalp.

Lactic acid in scalp care.

It’s self-care too, babe. So let’s get it in tip-top condition.
Here’s how: With my Exfoliating Scalp Serum.

It’s a lucky charm for your locks. Lactic Acid works by breaking down dead skin lurking in your roots, and dissolving product buildup. This improves your hair health and allows the roots to grow. It doesn’t weigh down your hair. Instead, it improves the scalp’s natural moisture, which in turn hydrates your hair, making it feel less dry and more bouncy.

Thirsty for more scalp-care tips? Brush through these:

  • Less heat. You’re hot enough already.
  • Less hairspray. You can hold your own, babe.
  • Less rusty towels. Use an old t-shirt to create more shine while drying.
  • Less pulling and tugging. Comb your hair gently starting at your ends, and working your way up. It’ll avoid hair breakage.

When babes age, their hair does too. Lactic acid also reduces signs of dry aged hair, and it can do the same for your skin too.

Lactic acid in skincare.

A little molecule with a lot to say, Lactic Acid has smoothe talked its way into my Brightening Vitamin C Mask, too.

The great news is that all the benefits lactic acid has for your scalp also extends to your face. This chemical exfoliant sheds your skin of old, dead cells, revealing brighter, smoother cheeks.


Whether you have long hair, short hair, coily hair, straight hair, we can agree that scalp exfoliation is good for your hair. Aka me, babe.

Take care of the place that takes all the heat.

Xx frank.