Has it been a minute (or you know, 72 hours) since your last hair wash? Your locks are probably in need of a lift. A texturising powder like mine will turn heads and give you more volume than an EDM festival. But what is a texturising powder? A fancy way to say dry shampoo? No babe, this is dry shampoo’s cleaner, toxic-free cousin.

If we’ve been together before, you know I always treat you right. I’m the guy who says (and scrubs) it like it is, and leaves your skin better than I found it. Your hair is no exception, babe. Here’s why my Dry-Clean Volume Powder is the answer to your less-than-stellar hair days.


If your oily roots need a refresh, I’m just the guy to do it. The rice bran and tapioca starch found in my Dry-Clean Volume Powder absorbs excess oil, giving your hair extra grit and texture. And since my formula is made with clean ingredients, not only will you have bouncier hair, but a healthier scalp as well. I’m easy to play with reverse the oiliness in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Sprinkle my volumizing powder into your hand, distributing me lightly through the oiliest areas of your scalp. A little goes a long way.
PRO TIP: Babes with dark hair, part your hair where you normally don’t, and apply me there to avoid a strong white cast. This way you can achieve the same results, without the added highlight.

Step 2: Flip your hair forward, give your head a mini shake, then flip your hair back. And check yourself out in the mirror while you’re at it. It’s hot girl shit.

Step 3: Optional: Brush from roots to end. 

And voila: day three hair that could be mistaken for day one. 


While you might already have a dry shampoo stored away in your bathroom cabinet, I’ll assume it’s made with harmful chemicals (because #letsbefrank, the majority of dry shampoos are). But I’m not like the other guys. I’m aerosol-free, which means I’m better for you and the environment. Who wants to spray propane on their heads? Not you, babe. 

You can use my volumizing powder as often as your hair calls for, without the flammable lighter fluid. You’re welcome.


The best volumizing dry shampoo will need to check off a lot of boxes. Is it clean? Is it effective? And is it a time-saver? Not to brag, but I’m all of the above. I’m your excuse for sleeping in an extra thirty minutes without sacrificing style. And I’m small enough for when you’re on the go. 

Hope you’re ready for more oomph, oohs, and ahhs.