Like kisses, some things are better without thinking.

Like kisses, some things are better without thinking.

#letsbefrank I think your brain is the most beautiful part of your bod. It’s like the control centre for the rest of your babe’n self.

But there’s a lot going on up there such as: what to eat for breakfast, will he text you back, and my god how good was that donut from last night. About 50,000 thoughts per day, they reckon.

So how can you get that down to nil and see what happens underneath al ofl this thinking?

Get a grip on mindfulness.

To keep it short (and sweet, just like you) mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment.

Sounds simple, huh? But have you tried to sit for 5 minutes and not think about your long list of things to do, the friend you need to call, and how last Sunday you had the best scrub with me? Tough stuff.

Some people say mindfulness can improve your mental and physical wellbeing by getting you to slow down and be aware of the now, rather than the past and future. By doing this your little spirit can shine through and it isn’t dimmed with day to day thing, like how you’re going to live until next pay day.

It’s not something you need to do in India. Here are 5 simple ways to practice mindfulness you can do right here, right now:

1. Walk somewhere.

Notice your footsteps, how the birds chirp, and feel the wind on your face. Touch a tree, hug a tree, get up in that tree. I don’t care what people may think of you. This is good for you.

2. Focus on your food.

Set aside time to sit down and eat without distractions. Focus on each bite you take, what does it taste like? I hope it’s delicious.

3. Try something new.

Keep yourself open to new experiences to awaken your senses. Maybe we could scrub outside for something different?

4. Switch off your phone.

Take some time from your day to unplug from all distractions. It’s amazing how you don’t feel like such a scatterbrain.

5. Remember to breathe.

Forgotten? Here’s how you get back in tune: breathe in deeply for four counts, hold, and breathe out for four counts, hold and repeat. This can help babes get into the present moment and calm down any nerves.

Still finding it tricky to head to Zen Town?I’ve got a different daily schedule for you.

Want to head to Babe Town instead? Natural skincare will get you there. I’ll come along for the ride, too.

x frank

Like kisses, some things are better without thinking.