Step 1: Scrub + Step 2: Rub.

Let’s be frank, it’s about time I explored my softer side. The part of me that’s all soft and gooey and enjoys watching Ryan Gosling movies with you. So I did just that, and it turns out this side of me is pretty damn good. So good, that I had to share it with you.

Introducing me, a body balm.

I’m packed full of natural oils, vitamins, and a very special coffee seed extract to nourish your skin and give it a beautiful sheen. You’ll smell delicious, too.

Coffee seed oil – wakes up the skin while keeping it hydrated and toned.

Coconut oil – rich, fatty acids of coconut oil provide moisture that softens the skin without blocking pores.

Grape seed and sweet almond oil – filled with vitamin A, E, and D for intense moisture.

Beeswax – not leg wax or ear wax. Ethically-sourced beeswax protects your skin against the elements.

Cacao seed butter and shea butter – protects and conditions the skin.

Now remember, your summer mantra:

Step 1: Scrub + Step 2: Rub.