Salicylic acid is the name, clearing pores is the game.

What’s salicylic, silly?

Salicylic acid is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid), which means it’s a gentle chemical exfoliant.

Dirt and bacteria are living on your skin rent-free. Salicylic acid kicks them out.  

It goes deep to slough off stubborn dead skin. This means it’s a superstar at smoothing over uneven texture and it helps you stay on top of breakouts.

It swoops out the sebum (gross word, I know) underneath the clogged pore to clear it out. 

What are the benefits for your skin?

  • Cleaner and clearer skin
  • Fewer breakouts 
  • Reduced excess oil
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Whiteheads and blackheads go *poof* 
  • Increased compliments, probably

Am I ticking enough boxes?

Salicylic acid helps reduce acne because it goes deeper than a regular face wash. It works through chemical exfoliation—an alternative to a manual exfoliator if your skin is super sensitive to a physical exfoliant.

When frank met salicylic.

I’ve put this awesome ingredient in my products because together, we’re a force.

You’ll find salicylic acid in my Brightening Vitamin C Mask. Why? Because it works so well alongside glycolic acid and vitamin C from Kakadu plum to reveal brighter, clearer, more radiant skin.

It’s in my Extra Clean Face Wash to clear out pores and promote clear skin because #letsbefrank zit happens. Use me twice a day so I can really work my magic. 

And my latest fling with salicylic is a hot NEW crush. 

A Clearing Body Wash is packed with heaps of active ingredients like salicylic acid for clear skin not just on the face, but on your body too. Use me every other day in conjunction with my Everyday Clean Body Wash to remove sweat and grime and end the cycle of breakouts.

Ready to get your salicylic on?

If you want to keep learning your AHAs and BHAs, read more here and you’ll be halfway to getting a chemistry degree.

Always wear an SPF after exfoliating with salicylic acid. That’s advice for both your face and your body.

And then send that risky text, babe. You’re in the clear with me.