Stop washing your face until it makes squeaky sounds.

Stop washing your face until it makes squeaky sounds.

Are you the kind of babe who washes her face until it squeaks?

Why? Your face is your friend. It would be like someone taking a glass wine away from you in an effort to make you healthier, but in reality it just leaves you parched, pissed and trying to overcompensate for the loss by drinking an entire bottle.

When you wash your face to the point where you start to wear down the bridge of your nose, you’ve got a problem. You’re stripping away the essential oils that help regulate sebum production and keep blemishes and acne at bay. Yes, you’re making it worse.

Your skin learns. It knows that every night at approximately 9pm while you watch re-runs of girls and complain about Lena Dunham, that it’s about to undergo what could be considered a form of torture in some countries. Dehydration.

There you are, all smug looking as you walk up to the basin because you’re taking off your makeup. Little do you know all that rubbing is just brewing a nice big zit in the middle of your forehead.

So, first things, first. How about we don’t do that anymore?

Switch to a gentle chemical free cleanser.

Check for drying agents that maintain shelf life and nasty parabens which don’t do much except hurt your skin.

If your face squeaks, stop cleaning.

Use tepid water, not freezing and don’t scratch the crap out of your face with an old towel – use a nice, plush one and pretend you’re Gigi.

Always hydrate.

Moisturiser is not going to make you break out. Skipping it will trick your skin into producing more oil because it thinks it’s dry. More oil = more breakouts.

Consume more essential fatty acids.

This will regulate the lipid levels in your skin. Translation = make skin not fat, but happy.

Ta-da. Stop making your face mad and it will stop being mad at you.


x frank

Stop washing your face until it makes squeaky sounds.