My babes like to think outside the bathroom. That’s why I always find myself in such compromising situations. I just don’t know how you contort your bodies into such amazing formations. It’s art, babe. Really.

So let’s combine these skills (with my passion for nudity) to make you an even better babe with something I like to call ‘showercise’. So you can sweat, shower and scrub all in the one place. Drop your robe, babe… class has begun.

Burn, baby burn.

Lunge to the bathroom shelf and pick me up, in Original, Coconut, Peppermint or Cacao. Then lunge to the shower and turn on the tap. Maybe you want to fist pump my packet to the sky too? In this class, anything goes. Lunges included.

The hips don’t lie.

Get wet, babe. And while you’re at, pop your front foot on the shower ledge and lunge your back knee down. You should feel a burn along your hip, but a good one. You’ll thank me later.

Baby got back (problems).

So let’s focus on my favourite part: your behind. Your daily frolicing around can make this area a tad tight. So to loosen it off, tear my top off. Grab a few handfuls of me then roll down to the ground one vertebrae at a time. Bend your knees slightly. And scrub your feet. Then roll back on up. Just as slowly, with your head being the last thing to come up. Then rub me all around.

Get grinding.

Now I’m on you, I’m not going anywhere babe. At least for the next 2-3 minutes, anyway. Just what your skin needs to let all my goodness sink in. Pump up your favourite tunes and get that booty touching the ground. It’s called scrub n’ grind…

Vocal gymnastics.

I love your sultry tones, babe. So let’s get the neighbourhood hear them too. Hit the high notes and the low. I have a few tunes on my spotify playlist, find me at frank_bod for all your dirty dance moves.

Do savasana (standing up).

Time’s up, babe so let’s rinse. Take this time as a little babe-time: feel the water cover your body, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. It’s mindfulness, but not as you know it.

Your workout is now complete.

Next time, invite a friend. Then you can save water, too.

You environmental, babe you.

x frank