#letsbefrank, faking it is no fun. And that goes for many things in life, including Christmas.

I’d like to introduce you to ‘Fake Face’: it’s the same face you pull when you kiss a boy you’re not into or when you get a belly button ring for your birthday – when you don’t have it pierced.

To stop this worldwide epidemic, I have come up with a few ways you can prevent Fake Face as you go about your Christmas shopping.

Know thy babe.

Your Christmas list is long and there are a lot of babes to buy for. Do a little research to find out what they do or don’t like. There’s no point buying a block of ham when they’re vegetarian. And that weird uncle? He doesn’t need another bottle of rum. #letsbefrank.

Know the time of year.

It’s Christmas so don’t give Easter eggs or be tempted to use the left over Happy Birthday wrapping paper. Again, it’s Christmas, so leave the novelty penis shaped toys for Hen’s Parties. You want Christmas to be memorable – for all the right reasons. If in doubt do the Grandmas test; if you don’t want her seeing it don’t bring it to Christmas.

Know your strengths (and your weaknesses).

I love everything about you, babe. But #letsbefrank, if we were good at everything then life would be a little boring. Not a good wrapper? Get someone else to do it. Handwriting similar to that of a caffeinated squirrel? Type it up instead. Alternatively, own your bad wrapping. Newspaper pulled together with duct tape could be considered an art installation. Or get a squirrel. You crafty-babe, you.

Know where to turn to for help.

That’s me, babe. I’m here for the good times and the ‘I-could-potentially-kill-Christmas’ times. So fear not, I’ve crafted a super special Christmas Quiz to help you find the right gift for the right babe.

In a dark place where the Lynx Gift Pack or a 2017 puppy calendar are potential options? Step off the ledge, babe. All of my skincare kits are the best bits of me to bring out the best in your best babe. And now they all come with limited edition merchandise, so you get a little gift too.

Because when you give some, you get some.

And that’s the way it should be.

x frank.