Like the perfect espresso, this lesson is short and sweet.

Like the perfect espresso, this lesson is short and sweet.


The only thing you should wake up to.

Where you’ll find it?  Anytime before 7am and every minute after. Also here. And here



Loved by babes, feared by Kim Kardashian


Activated charcoal

The thing that deactivates all that reactive stuff on your skin: toxins, bacteria, dirt and makeup. These tiny particles stick to the surface of your skin but they really stick to activated charcoal, making it the perfect doorman: all the good guests like oils stay, all the bad ones like pimples are out. Don’t worry, charcoal isn’t absorbed by your skin. Throw out the peroxide in your bathroom, babe.

Where to find it? My Charcoal Face Cleanser.


Coffee seed oil

My hero ingredient is handing the spotlight to you. Hydrate while you caffeinate, for illuminated skin that doesn’t mind the extra attention.

Where you’ll find it? My Caffeinated Face Moisturiser



Makes everything better #letsbefrank

Where you’ll find it? At the supermarket. I ate the last bit.



Makes a meal, ruins you.

Where you’ll find it? If you have to go looking, we’ve got a problem.



 Sign 122 that this will end in a make-out.

Where you’ll find it? After dinner.


White Clay

News alert, this has been used for centuries for detoxifying, targeting breakouts and removing dead skin cells. White Clay is for all babes: which is my way of saying all skin types and because it’s the mildest of the clays,iIt removes dead and dry skin cells, draws out dirt and oil, without stripping skin.

Where you’ll find it? My Original Face Scrub.



If you find out please let me know.

Where you’ll find it? Wherever they grow that. In the clouds.



Little green dots that looks sweet but taste sour


Rosehip Oil

A nourishing ingredient to brighten dull skin. This bad boy is derived from the seeds of rose bushes and is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that do good things for your face. Everything from evening skin tone, brightening, fading scars, moisturising, and targeting wrinkles. It’s true, small but powerful.

Where you’ll find it? My Original Face Scrub.



Run, run run. Some toppings are not welcome.

Where you’ll find it?  On your body.



Leave politics out of the conversation, this tiny green herb that divides dinner parties.

Where you’ll find it?  Locked in the chamber of secrets.


Goji Berry extract

Little red raindrops, often found in smoothie bowls babes upload to Instagram when they’re on holiday or #cleaneating. I prefer to use them as glow-ji berries because they light up your face.

Where you’ll find it? My Glow Mask.



All that warm gooey stuff aka: chocolate

Where you’ll find it? Everywhere (if you look hard enough).


Salt and pepper

Like bookends, hold everything together.

Where you’ll find it? Where there’s food.




Like the perfect espresso, this lesson is short and sweet.