My major beauty secret is steaming my hair at a Sauna.

My major beauty secret is steaming my hair at a Sauna.

I got down and dirty with Imani Evans, personal trainer and media personality. It was as fun as it was dirty. But in my usual style, we kept things natural. Just the way she likes it.

What’s the first thing you think of in the morning?

I’m usually really hungry as soon as I wake up so I usually spend a few minutes thinking about what I should eat for breakfast! Then I spend about 15 minutes checking my social media & emails to see what exciting opportunities have popped up!

Then, what’s the first thing you do?

The first thing I do is get in the shower with you, obviously!

I know you like the fact I only test on babes, not animals as you’re a pescatarian. How long have you cut meat out of your diet?

I’ve been a Pescatarian for just over two years now although it feels like a lifetime! It’s just become a part of my life so it’s not something I think twice about.

What led you to decide this? Don’t worry, frank loves all babes.

When I was a meat eater I always took the easy route when it came to food. I would live on takeaway that was usually chicken and chips or burgers. I put on weight, my skin was rough and I became sluggish! I started looking into healthier lifestyles and I fell in love with the Pescatarian lifestyle. Once I cut meat out of my diet so much changed. I lost weight, my skin was glowing, I was cooking homemade meals and my confidence soared. It’s a great feeling!

You work part-time as a personal trainer. While being on TV. How do you find time for it all?

I wake up early and go to bed extra late! Luckily my healthy diet gives me all the energy I need.

Any nerves when appearing on TV?

I’ve done quite a few shows now… The Kitchen on BBC2, Judge Geordie on MTV, If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World on TLC & Glitchy on ITV. I’ve also filmed a number of pilots that haven’t been shown on yet so I would say I’m kind of getting used to having cameras in my face! It’s not something that makes me nervous at all, it’s just a load of crazy fun!

Favourite aspect about training other people?

I’ve really grown to love fitness as it’s not something I’ve always enjoyed. Even now I still have my moments when I think “Arrghh do I have to?” But the answer is always YES. You do have to! So when I’m training or training other people I’m very strict & I make the most of a work out session. Everybody knows that sweat is your fat, crying. So if you aren’t sweating, you aren’t doing it right. My favourite thing about a workout is feeling the pain. I find it exhilarating!

And if you’re working out yourself, what are you doing?

I do interval training on the treadmill for cardio. I then focus on the legs which mainly involves a variation of squats & lunges. Then I do 15 minutes of hardcore abs and always finish with a 1 minute plank!

You style yourself, and your mum. Where did your love of fashion come from?

I love being my Mum’s stylist and she loves it, too! She hasn’t had to do her own clothes shopping for years but I enjoy every second of it! My love for fashion came about when I was about 10 years old. I grew up with a very glamorous Mother so I’m sure that had everything to do with it! Shopping is a HUGE part of my life and some of my shopping trips last for 6 hours. Of course I have a lunch break in between to make sure my energy stays up…it’s a full days work!

And how does your mum feel about being styled by her daughter?

She loves me being her stylist. Everyone would love to have a stylist so it’s a dream come true! I know what she likes and I know what looks good on her so she’s always happy to let me take control. I love it when she takes risks because even though she’s 47 she can still be sexy, sassy and confident! I make sure she stays young at heart.

How do you and your Mumma keep your skin so glowing?

We love using you as a part of our beauty regime because we always see the most amazing results after! We also use coconut oil daily which has so many benefits, too!

Now, your hair. Babe, it’s amazing. How do you maintain it?

I’ll be honest…. it’s HARD WORK! There’s a lot of it and it’s super thick. I use coconut oil & organic carrot oil to keep it healthy & I very rarely use any heat for styling. My major beauty secret is steaming my hair at a Sauna. I steam my hair every 2-3 weeks & that’s the secret to full & fabulous hair! I also post tips on it, here.

How long have you been growing it for?

I’ve been growing my hair since I was born, so 24 years! Although I do trim it a few times a year. I only started seeing a huge difference in the length since turning Pescatarian 2 years ago. It’s amazing to know that diet plays such a huge part in your hair growth. Salmon is the best kick starter if you want more length!

And one tip for babes with curly hair and little time?

A ponytail is always a good option for when you are in a rush. It looks cute & it makes sure your hair doesn’t tangle throughout the day.

Lastly, who should I get down and dirty with next?

My mum Susan, Obviously. She loves you frank and she’s dying to get down and dirty with you!

You find your mum. I’m waiting in the shower, babe.

xx frank

My major beauty secret is steaming my hair at a Sauna.