Eat fries. Hug puppies. Your hangover has never felt so good.

A hangover? You ain’t got that time for that BS. You got your shimmy on, so let’s keep the sparkle in your day. This party is going all weekend.

Throw some glitter at your hangover by trying these cures:

  1. You’ve been told this a million times, but for some reason you still don’t listen. WATER.
  2. Hold a dog. Don’t have a pooch to squeeze? Find one. Steal your neighbours or go to the park. I guarantee once a fluff ball is in your arms, all your muscles will be too preoccupied to notice their aches.
  3. You say potato, I say hangover cure. The magical spud and it’s many forms; every babes weakness. I’m not going to deprive you of your fries, #letsbefrank that’s just cruel. Every day is Frie-Day to me,
  4. Ditch the bra. #letsbefrank I’m all for a no pants party, but I’ve been told nothing compares to the feeling of letting your bra loose.
  5. Get nude…toned eyeliner on the inside rim of your eye. Oh look, you’re awake again.
  6. David Attenboroughs voice. If I had a voice, this would be it, babe. Looking for a relaxing remedy to ease your headache? Let the man do the talking.
  7. My Glow Mask. Did someone say glow? Your hangover’s favourite word. This is your morning quickie, babe: a super hydrating morning mask to get you glowing in just 5 minutes. Wham bam thank you mam man. It will literally undo your puffy pillow face.
  8. Learn how to braid like a boss. It will fool everyone around you because hungover people do not do their hair. Fact.
  9. If you don’t know by now that you should have a double shot espresso without any milk you don’t deserve the drinks that gave you a hangover. #letsbefrank
  10. Highlight, with my Lip Balm. Swipe that goo on your lips, your cheekbones, your brows and down the middle of your nose so you look glowy, not dead.

So, you’re a repeat disco-offender? I don’t blame you. Fight for your right to party and bring back my Shimmer Scrub. *link* Now you have the secrets to survive your Sunday, nothing is in your way.

x frank