Meet Karina Irby: my not-so-secret Instagram crush and the founder of the Aussie lifestyle brand, Moana Bikini. She invited me into her shower for an exclusive one-on-one, except I was already there to begin with. Wink wink. Find out which frank product reminds her of fairy floss, and what part of the body she thinks should be normalized by now.




F: Because we all want to know: tell us about your everyday shower routine.

K: Well I come home from work, I wash off my makeup, I shave and then I get down and dirty with frank’s body scrub.

F: You know those are my favorite kind of nights. I’m curious, what does my scented Clean Body Wash smell like to you?

K: To me it smells like Care Bears, galaxy dust, and fairy floss.

F: I love you from top to toe. But what’s your favourite part of your body?

K: My booty, obviously. Haven’t you checked out my Instagram yet?

F: Thoughts on being naked?

K: Why don’t we do it more often?

F: What do you like best about my scented Clean Body Wash?

K: I like that for us eczema itchy girls we actually have an opportunity to smell good, because usually we have to stick with those unscented types, you know?

F: How would you describe your journey with self-love?

K: It has been a long, tough journey. But I’ve come through and I’m much more happy and confident now. I’m loving it and I think the best part is I actually get to help other people now, and I really like that, so it’s been totally worth it.

F: What’s a tried and true product you use every day?

K: My frank body daily moisturiser obviously. It’s my favourite. It’s important to stay moisturised.

F: Three things you wish you knew before switching to clean deodorant?

K: I wish I knew that it was aluminium-free. It soothes your skin, thank god. And it honestly smells really good. 

F: What are some practical ways you love yourself every day?

K: Every single morning I love to put on the cheesiest song on my playlist and just dance like nobody’s watching. But everyone’s watching because I put it on Instagram anyway.

F: Count me in as one of those viewers. 😉 Got any thoughts on armpits?

K: We all have them. So why not take care of them?

F: Favourite thing about my new Clean Deodorant?

K: That it’s tested on babes, not cute little bunny rabbits.

F: What’s something you think should be more normalised?

K: Cellulite and stretch marks.

F: Is there a dirty thought you have every day?

K: Coming home, getting naked, and getting dirty with frank. You know, come to think of it, I might be having one of those thoughts right now.