Surfing is the answer to everything. I'm not going to lie.

Surfing is the answer to everything. I'm not going to lie.

You know what’s great? Being an Australian guy.

You know who’d agree? Model, turned designer, and most importantly, papa – Rhys Uhlich.

Brought up beachside by his mama and grandmama on Phillip Island, Rhys is obsessed with al things sand, surf and water.

I also like surf, sand and water, mainly because it seems to attract babes on masse. #letsbefrank

Just last week I hung out with Rhys. We surfed, he told me all about living in two polar opposite places. Oh, and also having two beautiful daughters. What’s more, he’s got a fashion label & a pretty sweet modelling career with Vivien’s.

Okay, maybe I didn’t surf. Because I don’t have legs. But we did scrub, because as you all know by now #realmenscrub

And we chat, too.

f: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?

R: I am wholeheartedly addicted to the water. So I hope for the surf to be good.

f: Then, what’s the first thing you do?

R: I wake my two daughters, Indah & Mahli. Then Indah and I check the surf. We live right on the water here in Phillip Island. I really try and instill the ocean as a playground into her, as it was for me.

f: You are a self-proclaimed family man – how do you fit this into modelling & your label Tevita?

R: I try really hard to keep myself grounded. I find the ocean is my reference point, as it is the one constant in my life. I think the water and the lifestyle go hand in hand, keeping me both physically and mentally healthy. All the different facets of my life have been a massive challenge – especially as the girls get older. I try to surround myself by my girls and the water, which makes me the happiest. And that encourage everything else to come easier. Whilst I travel a lot for work (our Tevita factory is in Seminyak, Bali), I still manage to find the hidden gems Bali has to offer. Next year we’re going to do Melbourne winter in Bali, and summer here. Safe to say I am pretty excited.

f: Where did the original drive to create Tevita come from?

R: It was the basic fact that I wanted to buy certain products, and they weren’t on the market. I studied teaching, so I had no real background in graphics or design. Modelling opened my eyes to different trends, and then I just decided I wanted to put my own spin on the bohemian trend for men. Using fabrics that I loved and could connect with meant a point of difference. I have an amazing team whom I work really closely with in Bali – I learn so much from them, and have learnt to work with the imperfections and quirkiness Bali has to offer. It has really become a part of the Tevita brand.

f: You are a male in a very female dominated world – is this at all intimidating?

R: It is probably why I have long hair at the moment – I am constantly surrounded by women. And of course, my grandma and mum raised me. I have since bought a dog – is my my male support.

f: Where do you see your label Tevita in five years?

R: I am very much invested, both financially and personally in the business. The label embodies me, so I hope the label and I grow together. I hope the label maintains its respect and beach feel that is me. I would be lying if I said I wanted to be a fashion designer, but I hope to work with other people in the industry to build the brand whilst maintaining its philosophy and direction.

f: How do you stay in shape for your modelling career?

R: Surfing is the answer to everything. I’m not going to lie, I am a little lazy with the gym – luckily I am obsessed with surfing and my girls, so am constantly active. But #letsbefrank, I’m not going to be an underwear model.

f: Average day on a plate?

R: My partner loves paleo. I find it great for me too, as it cuts out wheat – I find it gives you a lot of energy. I find I am not as bloated, which is good pre (modelling) shoot. We have also been trying to grow a lot of our own vegetables, and go organic where we can.

f: Biggest thing you have learnt in the 6 years since winning Make Me A Supermodel?

R: The need to want to create your own identity: it has definitely made me more of a risk taker, less afraid of outcomes.

f: Your three girls are very important to you; hence you must understand beauty regimes. Do you have any products / routines that you fit into your schedule?

R: Salt water and sunscreen. Skin products to date have left me feeling too oily.

f: What is the most important thing you look for in a beauty product?

R: To be honest, I haven’t put enough effort into my skin in the past. But now that I have hit 30, I am starting to see the effects of the sun. Thank god you came along.

f: Real men shouldn’t be afraid to scrub. What else shouldn’t they be afraid of?

R: More and more blokes are taking care of their bodies, which I think is great. Going to the gym is becoming more and more important to guys. I just figure, why not look after your skin as well. The gym is so socially acceptable, why isn’t your skin regime. I have learnt through modelling that your skin is one of the first things someone notices. So why shouldn’t we take care of it.

f: Who should frank put on his to scrub / dirty talk list?

R: Kelly Slater. I have an obsession with his way of living & lifestyle. His life is always based around energy, and he is at the top of his game. He is an inspiration and the best in the world for more than physical reasons, his mind drives him. He too is exposed to sun and salt water – he would be perfect.

f: Are you up for a junior scrub sesh with your girls?

R: I have told them to get ready. With their bikinis and the hose. We’ll see what happens.

xx frank

Surfing is the answer to everything. I'm not going to lie.