I’m decoding all those fancy-sounding ingredients. So you can go from “WTF” to “get on my head, stat”.



Fancy sounding, because it is. But it’s also simple. It’s a B vitamin that helps improve the health of hair follicles and reduce scalp irritation. It also helps rebuild Keratin proteins. You know, those things that are responsible for protecting your hair against wind, hail, and extra tight buns.


Hydrolyzed Keratin

The healthy alternative to synthetic conditioners. I’m a natural, babe. Hydrolyzed Keratin coats and penetrates your hair shaft to reduce breakage & frizz. It softens hair without filling your head with nasties, fakes, or lies.


Green Coffee

Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, this bad boy improves scalp health which in turn promotes healthier hair. Translation: Rapunzel would be jelly.



Eucalyptus creates the perfect environment for healthy hair to sprout. It helps to reduce inflammation on the scalp, because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.


Comfrey Root

The secret to hair that looks like it’s in a hair commercial isn’t a wind machine, it’s Comfrey Root. This ingredient restores moisture to hair, making silky soft and shiny new. 



Mother Nature’s gift to hair. This delicate herb packs a punch and is the key ingredient to your dream hair. It cleanses, adds shine, soothes irritation, wakes up hair from the roots.


Sounds like a buffet of benefits, right? Conveniently, I’ve put all of these ingredients in my Hair Duo


Whatever your hair goals (stronger, softer, shinier, silkier), get there with my natural, effective, (ahem) affordable kit. For only $34.95*,  I hope I’ve got your mane attention.