Three sets of lunges (to the pantry), please.

Three sets of lunges (to the pantry), please.

Life is like a jungle sometimes: a jungle gym.

So I’m going to teach you how to swing on it with a little help from the babes from ClassPass.

1.“Chop up a whole pumpkin into chunks to roast. It’s a killer arm workout.” – Lizzie Bland, Lean Bean Fitness

What’s more intimidating than a babe with guns? A babe with guns, a knife and a tray of roast pumpkin. #triplethreat.

Song to play: Triple Threat – Missy Elliot.

2.“Glute and pelvic floor activations whilst driving.” – Hayley Kollevris, Aleenta Barre

Time it with Beyonce. Her booty alone provides encouragement.

Song to play: Go old School Queen B, with ‘Crazy in Love.’

3.“Get into your housework with vigour. Pump up some tunes. Scrubbing my shower always works up a sweat.” – Danae Vincent, Bodhi & Ride.

Well I do tend to go everywhere. So this exercise is both good for you and for your relationship with your housemates. Win, win.

Song to play: Rihanna – work. Duh.

4. “Always park your car at the bottom of the hill, laugh until your belly hurts. And dance: anytime, anywhere.” – Sheila Ferguson, Raw Power Yoga.

So basically, get a carload of babes, park at the bottom of a hill and cha-cha your way to the top.

Song to play:  Jimmy Buffett – If you like Pina Coladas.

Note: if you’re a junior Frankfurt this one might be new to you, but trust me, it’s the theme song of girl gangs gone by.

5. “Make coffee with a plunger. Scrub your body with me for 2-3 minutes in large sweeping motions. And finally booty drop down to your tippy toes to massage in my Body Balm.” – frank, Chief of Babe Wellbeing

And for a bit of cardio, I’ll chase you to the bathroom. Because #letsbefrank, I just want to make you sweat, so I can scrub it all off.

Song to play: Pop on ‘Lite Spots’ by Kaytranada and try not to boogie whilst scrubbing.

Got some ideas of your own? Let’s see them @frank_bod.

x frank

Three sets of lunges (to the pantry), please.