There’s a few traits that are common amongst babes. They like to go to bathrooms in groups. They say no to fries then eat all of mine. And, most importantly, they’re committed to their face masking.


But what if I told you, masking doesn’t only have to happen on your face. What if I also told you, that masking your body could be the ticket to smooth, even skin everywhere. 


Because #letsbefrank, skin doesn’t stop at your shoulders. So, your skincare routine doesn’t have to either.


So, why should you use a body mask, babe?


#1 Body masking helps prevent breakouts. 

A pimple happens when dead skin and oil throw a party in your pores. They’re mingling, they’re making small-talk, then boom. You’ve got a breakout. 


How to prevent breakouts? Start at the source. Masking your body with my Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask removes dead skin and soaks up excess oil. No pore parties, no breakouts. 


#2 Body masking gives current breakouts their eviction notice. 

They’re sitting on your skin, pretending they own the place. It’s time to give booty breakouts the boot. 


My Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask has a little secret weapon I like to call tea tree oil. Sound familiar? It should if you ever had grazed knees as a mini frankfurt. Tea tree oil works by soothing cracked, red, & inflamed skin. Which makes it the perfect match for your acne.


 #3 Body masking makes your skin glow.

Clogged and congested skin doesn’t only leave you with uneven skin texture, but a dull complexion. And babe, you deserve to shine bright like the diamond you are.


Masking with charcoal removes the gunk that’s clogging your pores. With your pores clear, your skin has the spotlight. Nothing clogging or blocking it as it takes centrestage and glows like it should. 


 #4 Body masking gives you more time in the shower with me.


My Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask is made to be left on your skin for only 5 minutes after scrubbing. I’ll take all the time I can get with you, #letsbefrank. 

Scrub & mask. Get yourself a man that can do both.

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