I've always said I'd like to scrub on an inflatable swan.

A shower, a tub, a bed, a beach, a hammock perhaps?

Why not change it up once in a while, babe? #letsbefrank, I’d happily scrub your bod no matter where we were, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery, just to keep things interesting.

I’ve got a whole bunch of places I’d like to scrub on my bucket list, and I plan on ticking them off one babe at a time. Actually, two babes at a time, or three, or four- as many as possible really.

So let’s get down to it frankfurts, my top ten places to scrub your sweet booty.

On a boat. #justcallmecaptain

Pools are basically just really big tubs. Shall we?

This will be soft, I will be rough. It’s about balance beb.

You can fit in here? I’d love to see you try.

4 shower heads. 4 scrubbers?

You might get lonely in that big old tub, beb. Why don’t I join you? Bring your man, too.

I’ve always said I’d like to scrub on an inflatable swan. Will you be the one to make my dream come true?

By the pool? Or on the balcony? You can decide, babe.

Let’s move that mirror just a little closer to the tub.

And wherever this is. #letsbefrank

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xx frank

I've always said I'd like to scrub on an inflatable swan.