I missed a spot of shimmer on your bod, apparently.

I missed a spot of shimmer on your bod, apparently.

I missed a spot.

In my shimmer quest to make you brighter than the stars, I seemed to have missed a spot – your lips. They do so much – talk, kiss, lick, eat, so I thought it best they shine, as they do your best work after all. Think the kind of glossy, glistening finish that catches the light and all eyes.


Your lips missed me.

Dry, flaky and uncomfortable. No, this isn’t a dating profile, it’s your lips before they met me. Changing temperatures, rushed mornings and stressful days can cause a babe’s lips to crack under pressure – this isn’t fun. My Shimmer Lip Duo are quite the pair. Smooth over the rough guys with my Shimmer Lip Scrub. Made with coffee seed oil, MICA, and sugar, I buff away dry bits and dull lips, leaving a glossy, shimmery finish. But all smooth endings need a bit of spice. End it right with my Shimmer Lip Gloss that will drip, drench and gloss your lips with the glowiest finish.


Your days are long.

What’s a babe to do when she doesn’t know where to start? You know, the days where you have to do a million things and require the same amount of energy as a rocket ship. Whether you want some shine to get through a dull day or just need a little something something that can transform you from boss to party girl in less than 2 minutes. My Shimmer Lip Duo was made for the days you need to glow then go. Rub a little for a light shine or dive right in for a blinding one. I work with you not over you.


I’m a world first

And you’re my first and foremost. My Shimmer Lip Scrub is a world first, there’s nothing like it in the entire universe. Like you.


Glow on babe, you know you want to.

frank x

I missed a spot of shimmer on your bod, apparently.