‘Tis the season for kissing. And #letsbefrank, no babe wants to sit on the bench.

‘Tis the season for kissing. And #letsbefrank, no babe wants to sit on the bench.

Valentine’s Day is your lips’ busiest time of year.

They stretch, they put on their best attire (red lipstick) and prepare themselves for the equivalent of the Super Bowl in the arena of love.

Ready to kiss some goals? Well, listen up.

Your lips speak the language of love, so let’s find out what they’re saying…

Lip Play #1: The peck on the nose.

This says: “I think you’re as sweet as candy.”

If you were a food, you’d be fairy floss. If you were a scrub, you’d be my Cacao Coffee Scrub. You’re a sweet babe who loves to show affection anywhere and everywhere. You like your beau and use the words ‘lovely’ to describe them. Even though there are a lot of players on the field, you’re the crowd favourite, for sure.

Lip Play #2: The nibble, nibble and then some tongue.

This says: “I’ll lend you some sugar – but not the whole bowl.”

On the topic of fairy floss, you’re only going to give them a little bit – for now. You’re a babe who’s full of surprises; the wildcard who comes out with the touchdown when we least expect it.

Lip Play #3: The gentle bite.

This says: “I’m a spirited babe.”

You’re the babe who organises the dates and signs up to too many Meet Up groups. You have a flash of danger in your eyes that comes out when the sun goes down. You often make front page news.

Lip Play #4: The hand grab.

This says: “I’m like Dora the babe-explorer.”

This is when your hands and lips join forces and starting kissing kicking goals. When you’re not kissing a babe, you could be found roaming Africa on safari. You consider kissing a time to explore unchartered territory and like to don your khaki to get to work. And you’re not afraid of getting hit head on.

Lip Play #5: the all-over kiss (neck, side of the face, etc).

This says: “I’m a babe who knows what I want: you.”

There’s no questioning this babe. You’re the captain and everyone knows it. This kissing style is confident and direct so the person on the other end always knows where they stand. Outside of love, you know which gelati you want before you even get to the counter. Respect.

So your lips say a lot once they lock onto someone.

And dry lips? Well, they’re saying “Love ME. Stat.”

Solution? My Lip Duo: a 2-step lip rescue to get rid of those flakies and smooth over your lips so they can get to work.

Because you can’t play the field if you haven’t done any training. #letsbefrank.

Need a little assistance? Read my kissing guide.

Just don’t forget to post your touchdowns here @frank_bod.

x frank.

‘Tis the season for kissing. And #letsbefrank, no babe wants to sit on the bench.