I know you scrub up well. I’ve seen you naked after all. But are you taking care of yourself properly, downstairs? If you’re a babe that likes to get dirty (#letsbefrank, you are), it’s good to stay educated on how to self-care everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.


No judgment here, just some reminders as gentle as my Clean Body Wash.


The Dos:


  • Babes who work hard and play hard know a thing or two about getting shit done. So they need a wash that’ll do the same. Picking a wash that’s paraben-free, sulphate-free, and fragrance-free like my Clean Body Wash is perfect for babes who want it all.


  • You’ve done the dirty. Now more than ever it’s important to give your private parts some TLC. I recommend my 3P’s to keep your privates happy after the big O. 
    • Pee (to prevent UTIs, babe). 
    • Paraben-free wash (to gently clean your bits.) 
    • Pillow talk (just as good as dirty talk).


  • Sometimes you need to take some big deep breaths. And so do your private parts. I’m talking cotton underwear. Baben, but still breathable. Perfect for staying cool, calm, collected.


The Don’ts


  • Hot pants. They’re just that: hot. They can collect heat, trapping sweat and bacteria between your legs. I recommend taking them off and keeping them off.


  • Fragrance. Seductive on your neck. Sabotage between your legs. Fragrances can be irritating, and can also offset your delicate pH balance. Get yourself a fragrance-free, pH balanced wash that you can use everywhere, like my Clean Body Wash.


  • Soap. Confusing right? To clear the suds: soap is less than ideal for your private bits. And more of an oxymoron than the guy sending that ‘u up?’ text at 2am. Soap can be too drying for your delicate skin. My Clean Body Wash is soap-free and gets the job done right, every time.


Enough beating around the bush, babe. Strip down, and let me show you how a real man scrubs up.  


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