You already know I’m famous for coffee scrubs. I brought the coffee shop into the bathroom and have been getting dirty with thousands of babes since. Those coffee grinds are just that good, okay? But there’s another exfoliator in town. And it doesn’t involve any scrubbing. Say hi to alpha hydroxy acids.


Say what? You probably know them as AHAs. These gentle acids are your secret weapon to achieving smoother skin. The most common ones are lactic and glycolic acids, and they’re everywhere these days. Cleansers, serums, masks — you name it, AHAs are in it.


But you know where you might not find AHAs? In a body lotion. Well, until now. My Smoothing AHA Body Lotion combines the best of both worlds, exfoliation and hydration, into one simple step. Not to brag, but there aren’t many body lotions out there that include both of these popular acids. I’m not like the other guys, am I?


Before you start slathering, let’s get back to basics — what is lactic acid and glycolic acid, and what’s the difference between them?


What is lactic acid?


This chemical exfoliant is made naturally from the lactose found in milk, and is one of the most popular AHAs. Why is it so loved? Not only does it gently remove dead skin cells, but it also deeply hydrates.


Benefits of lactic acid


When you incorporate lactic acid into your skincare and body care routine, be prepared for some major change. The good kind of change. Like less dry patches and obvious signs of ageing. Lactic acid helps improve your body’s natural moisture factor (AKA its ability to keep itself hydrated and glowing). When used consistently, it can also help stimulate cell turnover, which means firmer, smoother, more even skin. 


What is glycolic acid?


Lactic acid’s first cousin, glycolic acid is another AHA, but derived from sugarcane. With the smallest molecule size compared to other alpha hydroxy acids, this chemical exfoliant can go deeper into the skin. The result? A brighter complexion.


Benefits of glycolic acid


Similar to lactic acid, glycolic acid sloughs away the outer layer of skin, reducing the appearance of dry patches, dark spots/hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne. Using it a few times a week will unclog your pores and leave you looking like you’re walking around with a beauty filter on.


Skin doesn’t stop at the neck, so skincare shouldn’t either. Treat yourself to a full body exfoliation without any of the effort. My AHA body lotion works overnight to exfoliate and hydrate, so you can wake up to smoother skin. Lazy (and busy) babes, rejoice.


frank xx