You know how I harp on about hydration? It's all for a good cause: your skin.

You know how I harp on about hydration? It's all for a good cause: your skin.

While I can’t solve the short straw debate, or the ripeness of an avocado, I can offer some relief for your tired, itching skin.

In case you haven’t stepped outside lately, the seasons are changing, and so are our heating and air conditioning needs.

For my Australian & Kiwi babes, down goes the temperature on the controls, and up goes the heat outside.

Across the seas in North America and Europe, you’re all busy rugging up, lighting fires, and turning your electric blankets on. Brrrrrrr. Cuddle time.

I’ll be the first to admit that I like change, but often your skin can get a nasty shock. It reacts the only way it knows how: clammy one minute, dry and flakey the next. You can’t blame it for its natural response.

I feel for the folk that have to use their hands 24/7. This can increase dryness and itchiness and “Don’t touch me with your dry, tired paws” awkward comments.

I have a soft spot for people like this – baristas included. My Mammas and Pappas taught me to respect my morning coffee makers. Can you guess why?

So this is where I come in. Let me tell you about how I can be of assistance.

You know how I harp on about hydration? It’s all for a good cause: your skin. Dry skin, not treated, can lead to leather-like thickening.

While you might assume bathing and showering help, the way you go about it can actually work against your bod.

It is a natural reaction to overcompensate with the wrong soap and body wash. Did you know soap is an emulsifier that removes oils in the skin?

Natural oils are necessary. I help to replenish them. So shower with me instead.

I’ll awaken your skin during the dull winter months, exfoliating away dry and tired skin with my special coffee blend, as well as moisturising with essential oils like almond, coconut and grape seed.

As the months wear on, I’ll return your summer glow as the outside air warms up. #justthekindofguyiam

Also. Drinks lots of water, too. At least 1.5 litres a day. You heard me.

So in short, less lathering, more scrubbing. And more drinking.

Got any more tips? Tell me here, @frank_bod

frank xx

Feature image: Just me and @jenselter, hanging out.

You know how I harp on about hydration? It's all for a good cause: your skin.